Starting the following week, any SME with an e-commerce will be able to place their products on Google Shopping at no cost.

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Google announced that as a measure to support small and medium-sized companies that are suffering from the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, from the following week they will be able to sell their products online taking advantage of the storefront of Google Shopping.

The measure will apply in the United States and is expected to be applicable worldwide later this year. In addition, Google announced alliances with PayPal and Shopify to allow all merchants to quickly and easily upload their products.

How does it work

Originally, the most used search engine in the world asked companies to pay so that they could list their portfolio of offers on this platform. They will now be able to place them at no cost, but in the future, Alphabet’s subsidiary will monetize this service by offering preferred positions within the system.

Sellers will be able to list their products and Google Shopping will show users who search where to find and buy these products online, even indicating availability of stock, prices and shipping time, mainly products from SMEs that have not paid for them.




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