Just yesterday we were talking about how the Nintendo Switch had become one of the most popular consoles on the market, already accumulating more than 56 million units sold in its only three years of life. However, if there is something that this console really stands out in the current generation, it is undoubtedly his lack of gross power.

And it is that this has been one of the main points that their fans have been demanding since the launch of the console, further accentuating with the arrival of Nintendo Switch Lite, creating numerous rumors about the possibility of a reversal of the original console, and even the arrival of a new superior model already baptized as Nintendo Switch Pro.

So, the recent announcements and pressure of the next generation of PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles, the message from Nintendo about the non-arrival of a new console “During 2020”, and the recent partnership of Samsung and AMD, have set off alarms and rumors again.

Samsung and AMD made an unexpected announcement last year and most boasted that it would result in a Samsung phone with AMD graphics technology inside. Of course, that could be on the table, but that doesn’t rule out other areas where it could be used. a combination of an Exynos CPU and an AMD GPU. It is now speculated that Nintendo could be the biggest beneficiary of this new union, leaving behind its already outdated NVIDIA Tegra X1.

Unfortunately, the graphics technology giant hasn’t made any progress on consumer ARM chips, reserving its more powerful ARM-based architectures for things like automotive and machine learning computers.

Of course, that assumes that the Exynos and RDNA combination will far exceed the current leader in consumer ARM processors, Qualcomm; although there is also the possibility that NVIDIA will rush to prepare its Pascal and Volta graphics architectures for consumer devices.

With all this on the table, and highlighting the possibility that Nintendo is preparing the possible arrival of Nintendo Switch Pro for 2021, we only have to see what the next announcements related to this sector of processors will be, and what may be the new graphic ceiling of this portable console. And it is that as we already fantasized a few months ago, only this change of SoC could open an impressive door of possibilities.

What can we expect Nintendo Switch Pro

The leaks gathered in recent months leave us with even lower expectations than expected. And it is that in the case of not opting for a new chip, it is currently expected that Nintendo opts for NVIDIA for the creation of a custom chip, with which the console would again be out of support for 4K graphics formats. A capacity that, although not stipulated as standard, was already present in the current Tegra X1 chips equipped on the Nintendo Switch, limited to its use in other devices such as NVIDIA TV SHIELD.

Thus, experts have rated the Nintendo Switch Pro as a minor rollback, with minor tweaks at the CPU, display and RAM level that allow a slight increase in the resolution of the games. It would thus be a similar evolution in concept (although lower in performance) to what the arrival of the PS4 Pro supposed, and not a true generational leap.


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