Despite Nintendo’s failed attempts with Wii and WiiU consoles, and a first distance with which until then had been its general public, finally the Nintendo Switch came as a perfect option to unite both worlds, managing to establish itself as an undeniable success. And it is that although Japan has been one of the places where more units have been distributed, that does not mean that the Switch has managed to accumulate the impressive number of about 56 million consoles sold around the world.

To get an idea, although it has not yet managed to reach the title of the company’s best-selling console, for comparison we would be talking about a number of consoles higher than the sum of the popular Nintendo 64 and GameCube, which accumulated a total of 32.93 and 21.74 million units sold respectively. A figure that is even more accentuated if we consider that it has already exceeded sales of the classic SNES, placing it just 6 million units below the NES.

And is that with a sales rate of more than three million during the first three months of this 2020, the Nintendo Switch not only does not stop, but continues to experience sales growth of up to 33% compared to the same period last year. However, it is true that we are facing an exceptional situation and beginning of the year, this console being in fact one of the great beneficiaries of the confinement.

Even so, it is true that both PS4 and Xbox One have suffered a significant break in sales due to the already closer arrival of their next generations, with the Nintendo laptop being one of the outputs adopted by many during the wait.

However, not all of its success comes from outside, but in fact it is mainly driven by its exclusive titles. Among others, the company recently launched Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which since its release on March 20, and contributing only 10 days of results to the data of this successful quarter for Nintendo, would have already exceeded 11.77 million copies sales, already becoming the seventh best-selling Nintendo Switch game of all time and beating other great installments like Luigi’s Mansion 3, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Super Mario Party and Splatoon 2.

Although we have also been able to see the arrival and strong promotion of other titles such as Ring Fit Adventure or Brain Training, perfect accessories to keep our mind and body active during this confinement, and a good number of upcoming releases for May.

As Nintendo itself has expressed on several occasions, at the moment no new console is being considered within the company, establishing itself the only rumor of a possible «Nintendo Switch Pro», a superior version in line with the Nintendo Switch Lite introduced last year. And it is that with such figures, it is clear that the Nintendo Switch still has a long way to offer us.


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