Just a week ago we were talking about the incredible project that some Nintendo fans were carrying out to bring back one of their greatest classics, Super Mario 64, as an unofficial port for PC with a support for ray tracing , DirectX 12, and even 8K resolutions. However, it seems that the Japanese company not only would not have liked this diffusion of their game, but even would have already taken legal action against this group of fans.

And it is that Nintendo would have already hired an American law firm to face this unofficial port, considering it as “an unauthorized work based on the copyrighted work of Nintendo”, starting with the elimination of some download links of this game, and the elimination of several gameplay videos posted on YouTube.

However, it is not the first measure of this type by Nintendo, which a couple of years ago starred in a strong crusade against retro gaming websites and accommodations, presumably driven by the next arrival of those same titles to its Nintendo Switch online service. And it is that this could once again be the main motivation of the company, to which several launch plans of some of the remastered Super Mario games for your portable console.

That said, we also saw less exemplary behavior from the big N, which came to demand compensation of up to $ 100 million for damages with its retro games, and that makes us expect further compensation from this group of fans, given its operation through Patreon.

On the other hand, the fact that the company is making such an effort not only to erase access to the game, but to erase all its footprint and presence, makes us think that perhaps the official remastered work will not measure up, seeking to eliminate any possible future comparison.

While Nintendo has every right and legal backing to take these actions, could this not affect its public image vis-à-vis its fans? Is this how Nintendo should treat its die-hard fans? Do not hesitate to leave us your opinions in the comments.


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