VOD news brings you the best releases of the week on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video … And there is a bit of everything, but nothing very outstanding either with the exception perhaps of Snowpiercer, a work that jumped from comics to the big screen and now receives its adaptation in serial format.


Netflix resurrects after a last terrible month and although the filler is still its hallmark both for its productions and for everything that comes into the catalog -many Indian cinema that I don’t know who will see-, releases like Snowpiercer or Space Force, which They are not exactly backed by good reviews, they are at least -or they seem- a little more friendly to pass the time.

Snowpiercer: Snowbreaker

As I said in the introduction, the end of the world train goes through Netflix and is called Snowpiercer: Snowbreaker, a series based on the Bong Joon-ho movie starring Chris Evans and now receiving its adaptation in series format. Her most famous face, that of Jennifer Connely, the unforgettable Sarah of the wonderful Inside the labyrinth of Jim Henson. But in Snowpiercer she is the bad one. You already know the story: the world has gone to hell and the only thing that remains in operation is Snowpiercer, a train that never stops and remains divided between the upper class, which continues its life of luxury, and the lower class, that ensures that nothing is missing … Until they burst.

Space force

The second featured release of the week on Netflix is Space force, a comedy from the creators of The Office starring Michael Scott … I mean, by Steve Carell, US Army General with the mission of creating a vanguard unit. Neither Snowpiercer nor this have been pleasantly received by critics, but if it is to entertain, they are the most acceptable at first glance.


Finally, a new series of zombies: Betaal, with the particularity that this one comes from India and, put to see dances, better hordes of zombies, that make more company.

More exclusive content:

Christiane Amanpour: Sex and love around the world (T1). “CNN journalist Christiane Amanpour travels to six major metropolises around the world to analyze how her citizens live love and sexuality.”
Food for Phil (T3). “Phil Rosenthal (” Everybody Wants Raymond “) visits various countries immersing himself in the gastronomy and culture of places like Bangkok, Lisbon or Mexico City.”
Dynasty (T3). “The Carringtons and Colbies vie for control of their fortune (and their children) in this updated remake of the great television classic.”
Dorohedoro (T1). Cayman wants to kill the sorcerer responsible for the curse for which he has a reptilian head. Even if I have the help of a friend, it will not be easy. »
Hannah Gadsby: Douglas. “Hannah Gadsby returns with her second special, in which she talks about the complexities of fame, identity, and a very rare encounter in a dog park.”
Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich (T1). “This docuserie draws on victim testimonies to analyze how convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein used his fortune and power to carry out his abuse.”
Kenny Sebastian: The Most Interesting Person in the Room. “Kenny Sebastian combines his musical and comical skills to talk about a certain type of shoe, birds that don’t fly, and his fear of not being funny enough.”
Hunch. “In this ‘Lost’ prequel, Police Officer Pipa works on her first major case while investigating her boss, who is suspected of murder.”
Rugal (T1). “A police inspector, who gains special skills from biotechnology, decides to take revenge on a criminal organization that has taken everything away from him.”
I’m not here anymore. “After a misunderstanding with a local gang, young Ulysses must cross the border to save his life. He leaves behind his band and cumbia, the music he loves. »

Enter catalog:

30 Days of Luxury
A Mission in an Old Movie
Amar’s Hands
Banana Island Ghost
Best Neighbors
Bottom of the World
The infinite limit
The witness
Empresses in the Palace (T1)
Jack Taylor (S1)
Love station
Damn neighbors
Flipped Medium
Modern Family (T10)
Monopoly (The Bank Of Luck)
My Dog is My Guide
No one will ever know
Naledi, a baby elephant
Parents by unequal
Partner to bid (S1)
Roh’s Beauty
Queen of the South (T4)
Salem: His Sister’s Father
The Bulbul’s Nest
The Equalizer 2

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video does not cease in its attempt to sign up the Netflix CEO to its platform and in addition to the traditional wave of movies of all kinds and conditions, it is done with the premiere of one of the most popular Spanish series.

The one that is coming

Yes sir: the twelfth season of The one that is coming It does not premiere on Telecinco, but on Amazon Prime Video, it shows the good commercial relationship that unites Amazon with Mediaset and that the digital premieres do not affect the television feature, as they have shown with series like El pueblo or the most recent Mothers. As for La que se avecina, if you do not know it even by sight, it is that you do not live in Spain. In the absence of a trailer in good condition, the closest reference is El pueblo … but in a much saffier (and fun) tone.

WE ARE BACK! We are meeting in an Extraordinary Meeting because you already have T12 at @PrimeVideoES 💥 #VuelveLQSA https://t.co/2dAE3GIpTT pic.twitter.com/NEr46Raarr

– The one that is coming (@la_queseavecina) May 29, 2020

Enter catalog:

13 (Russian roulette)
Stop the fire
Animals in distress
Welcome to the North
Black death
Call me by your name
Captain Koblic
Clerks 2
Declare me guilty
Black diamonds
Diary of a babysitter
I will say your name
The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
The club of the misunderstood
The man who invented Christmas
The best
My mother’s boyfriend
The proclamation
The treasure of the silver lake
The last great magician
In the valley of Elah
In times of waning light
Connecticut exorcism
Fellini, eight and a half
Finding Jo
Happy, a story about happiness
Until the law separates us
Hooligans 2
Mommy Spree
Km 666: Detour to hell
The battle of Warsaw
Beauty and the Beast
The escape
The girl of the pearl
Rookford’s curse
The music of silence
The wonders of the sea
Blank minds
My boyfriend is a thief
Michael Clayton
Kathmandu Mission
Pancho, the millionaire dog
Parking 2
Premonition (7 days)
May God forgive us
State secrets
The Crazies
You have a minute (s1)
You carry it!
A long trip
A brilliant plan
A death wedding
A classy family
A life ahead
Welcome to the Rileys


One more week, HBO only has one more premiere to add to its list of broadcast series, which are not few among original and exclusive. But it has a stale whiff that …

Love life

Love life It is the new romantic comedy on HBO, in which there is no lack of touchy feelings and situations repeated endlessly in this type of story. For lovers of the genre.

New chapters:

Axios (T3)
Batwoman (S1)
Betty (S1)
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (T5)
The Ministry Of Time (T4)
Insecure (T4)
Katy Keene (S1)
Killing Eve (S3)
The undeniable truth (S1)
What we do in the shadows (T2)
Mrs. America (S1)
Rick and Morty (S4)
Roswell, New Mexico (T2)
Run (T1)
Siren (S3)
Stargirl (S1)
Supergirl (S5)
We’re Here (T1)

Enter catalog:

The host
Lazy Town (T3)
Chorus boys
Terminator: Genisys
Value of law
Yves Saint Laurent

Apple TV +

Apple TV + resurfaces from oblivion with a launch different from what we are used to, which in truth is generally good, but very scarce.

Central park

Central park It is the new animation series for Apple TV +, but this is not directed exclusively at children. Where it is set or you can not imagine, but let’s say that it tells the adventures of a family of vigilantes who works in the best-known park in New York and throughout the United States as we get. And they are determined to save him. Critics are loving it.

I don’t know

New chapters:

Cycles (T1)
Defend Jacob (S1)
Los Fraguel To the rhythm of Rock! (T1)

Disney +

We finish with Disney +, which this week has nothing relevant to offer, except for the new chapters of its series in broadcast and some direct filler to the catalog.

New chapters:

Be Our Chef (S1)
Diary of a future President (T1)
Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings (T2)
The amazing Dr. Pol (S1)
The world according to Jeff Goldblum (S1)
High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (T1)
Marvel’s Hero Project (S1)
One Day at Disney (S1)
Pick of the Litter (S1)
Shop Class (T1)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (T7)
The Imagineering Story (S1)
Tron: Uprising (S1)

Enter catalog:

Disney Dream Weddings
Evermoor (T2)
High School Musical: The Musical
The bay of emeralds
The spinners of the moon
Maggie Simpson in “The Longest Daycare”
Mickey and the seal


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