VOD news brings you the best releases of the week on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video … And the picture is somewhat inconsistent, which is why I have not been able to resist highlighting Los Fraguel At the rhythm of Rock !, that is, the return of the great Fraguel Rock that in the eighties excited the children of the time.

Apple TV +

Apple TV + takes its third header since the launch of the service and within its limits it has its merit, because they hardly release content and when they do it it is not always with an original novelty, as was the case with Mythic Quest. The arrival of Los Fraguel At the rhythm of Rock !, in fact, it is more in the style of Amazing Tales. What has been the reuse of the successful franchises that once were.

Los Fraguel To the rhythm of Rock!

Los Fraguel To the rhythm of Rock! it is, in effect, the reboot of the series by the puppet master Jim Henson, responsible for classics such as The Teleñecos, whose journey continues at Disney +; or Dark Crystal, which has also been followed on Netflix; among others. But don’t expect Los Fraguel at the rhythm of Rock! A sequel to use: This new series consists of five-minute mini-chapters with songs. Even so, I have not been able to resist putting the image of these nice characters. Any child in the eighties would have. Fraguel Rock!

New chapters:

Cycles (T1)
Defend Jacob (S1)


We continue with Netflix, which continues to accuse the halt for the coronavirus, although it remains the platform that releases the most exclusive content, of which we highlight a couple among which Magic for Humans, one of the most entertaining magic programs that have . There is the data.

White Lines

Of the original Netflix releases for this week, the most eye-catching is White Lines, a new British series with a lot of Spanish, including the Ibizan background in which the story is set, or the presence of several well-known Spanish actors. The most remarkable thing, however, is that it is the new series by Álex Pina, creator of La casa de papel.

More exclusive content:

Bon voyage: psychedelic adventures. “This fun documentary about the history of hallucinogens relies on animations and recreations to illustrate the mind-boggling” journeys “of various celebrities.”
Chichipatos (T1). »A very clumsy magician finally comes up with the trick of his life and inadvertently makes a criminal pursued by the police disappear. Now you will have to bear the consequences.
Media lawsuits (T1). “This crime crime docuserial examines some of the most shocking trials in history and looks at how the media could have influenced the verdicts.”
The other Missy. Tim believes he has invited the woman of his dreams to a company retreat in Hawaii. But actually, he has written to a girl he had a disastrous date with.
Magic for Humans (T3). “Whether surprising people on the street or preparing more complex numbers, Justin Willman mixes magic with jokes for adults.”
Inhuman Resources (T1). «Alain Delambre, 57 years old and unemployed, accepts an attractive job offer. But it gets ugly when he sees that he is only a pawn in a cruel corporate game. »
Rust Valley Restorers (T2). “Classic car collector Mike Hall, his friend Avery Shoaf, and his son Connor Hall do their utmost to restore retro cars and try to make a profit.”
She-Ra and the princesses of power (T5). «Adora finds a magic sword and thus discovers her identity as She-Ra, the legendary heroine. By joining the Rebellion, her best friend is left with the Horde of Terror.

Enter catalog:

[REC] 2
[REC] 3
[REC] 4
White as snow
Bridget Jones’s Baby
Darling in the Franxx (S1)
Middle name
Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Start again
Fire in the blood
Human Nature
Iris (S1)
The song of forgotten names
The 100 (T6)
The nameless
Bad example
As you sleep
Monogamy (T2)
Hidden plan
Tattooed Grudge
Romasanta: the hunt for the beast
He just doesn’t want you
South Park (T22)
Up in the Air


HBO follows its own -and it seems that it does well- and premieres a new series, but keeps on airing a few more, both original and exclusive, which is not the same.

The undeniable truth

The undeniable truth It premieres preceded by two eye-catching facts: The series is based on Wally Lamb’s best-selling novel and stars Mark Ruffalo, who doubles as two very particular twins. The criticism has received it quite coldly, but it only takes one chapter, so it has room for the comeback.

New chapters:

Batwoman (S1)
Betty (S1)
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (T5)
The Ministry Of Time (T4)
Insecure (T4)
Katy Keene (S1)
Killing Eve (S3)
What we do in the shadows (T2)
Mrs. America (S1)
Roswell, New Mexico (T2)
Run (T1)
Siren (S3)
Supergirl (S5)
We’re Here (T1)

Enter catalog:

Eagleheart (T2)
A night out of control

Amazon Prime Video

Another that follows his is Amazon Prime Video, that is, another week comes without exclusive releases, but he pays for it with almost a hundred entries in his catalog, including a little of everything, from recent novelties to immortal classics, which usually says. Look at the highlighted titles, there are surprises.

Enter catalog:


7 goddesses
About an Age
South of Innocence
Dawn breaks in Edinburgh
Dangerously loving
American Ultra
Friends of more
So it goes
Atlantis High (T1)
Oh Jalisco … don’t give up!
Blade Trinity (Blade 3)
Star field (T3)
Face to face in the nude
Bizet’s Carmen
One hundred days in Palermo
cinema Paradiso
Matter of attitude
Dementia 13
The American
Love is not what it was
The benefactor
The boy from the newspaper
The Dreyer cycle
The Maid’s Tale (T1-T3)
Giovanni Episcopo’s crime
The big blow
The boss
The Book of Shadows
The evil ferocious fox
The price of ambition
In body and soul
Enchanted by the dark
Endgame 2050
F ** Your Hair
Fanny and Alexander
Free Birds
Garbo, the spy
Hitler S.S .: The Portrait of Evil
Hondar 2050
Emergency dive
Inspector Wallander: The White Lioness
Jeepers Creepers
The white ribbon
The posh kids connection
Jan’s story
The Curse of the Puppet II
The halloween night
The teacher
The salt of the earth
The snows of Kilimanjaro
The crimes of Fjällbacka
The crazy people of Cannonball 3
The last years of the artist: Afterimage
Made in the USA
Beyond hate
Beyond time
My life is a ruin
Mr Bones 2: Sorcerer of the Past
Mr. Toilet: The World’s # 2 Man
Eight death sentences
Oh what a Wednesday!
Panic on the farm
Donkey skin
What do we do with Maisie?
Rams (The Valley of the Rams)
Scanners 2: The New Order
Scanners 3
Side B
Help, I’m a fish!
Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans
Symphony on skis
The Collector
The Royals (T4)
God’s land
They all wanted her dead
Everybody knows
A brilliant reason
Living and dying (Living & Dying)
White Wedding
ZoZo the demon of the Ouija board

Disney +

Finally, Disney + rests more than expected and waiting for its original series to start flowing, its film premieres are what is most often noticed. Next week another will fall.

New chapters:

Be Our Chef (S1)
Diary of a future President (T1)
Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings (T2)
The amazing Dr. Pol (S1)
The world according to Jeff Goldblum (S1)
High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (T1)
Marvel’s Hero Project (S1)
One Day at Disney (S1)
Pick of the Litter (S1)
Shop Class (T1)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (T7)
The Imagineering Story (S1)
Tron: Uprising (S1)

Enter catalog:

Drain the Ocean: World War II
Forky asks a question: What is cheese?
Star Wars: The Resistance (S2)
A Dog’s Life, with Bill Farmer


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