VOD news brings you the best releases of the week on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video … And although there are a couple of released releases, the highlight is made in Spain and given the choice of one to cover the header, there was no doubt: The Ministry of Time carries it, which is the most venerable institution in this country (even if it does not exist). And remember: this is an information section, but also an opinion and opinion section with few filters, so do not take anything wrong that you read below.


The only powerful release this week on HBO is The Ministry of Time, but beware because although it is an exclusive among the payment platforms, it can be seen free and legally on the Internet.

The Ministry of Time

Since he said goodbye in 2017 with his third season, many of us have been waiting for the return of The Ministry of Timeto the TVE grill. And finally it has happened, only that in addition to the first Spanish Television channel and the RTVE website, it can also be seen on HBO.

It has been a goose to goose in all rule, and it is that if the third season could be seen on Netflix as exclusive, with the fourth the ministry changes hands and starts operating on HBO. But as I say, you can see the entire series on the RTV website (link in the header), including the new chapters that are coming out.

And it is not necessary to add more, because with its successes and errors, The Ministry of Time is already a contemporary classic of our television that perhaps does not enjoy the international glamor of La casa de papel, but it is the most original thing that has been produced by here in many years.

At the end of the day, the Ministry of Time may be of recent creation, but the doors of time have been between us since before Spain as we know it existed. Or so it is told.

More exclusive content:

Natalie Wood: Behind the Scenes. “Intimate account of the life and career of actress Natalie Wood told through her daughter Natasha Gregson Wagner and those who knew her best and who celebrates the woman behind the icon.”

New chapters:

Batwoman (S1)
Betty (S1)
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (T5)
Haunted (T2)
Insecure (T4)
Katy Keene (S1)
Killing Eve (S3)
The conspiracy against America (T1)
What we do in the shadows (T2)
Mrs. America (S1)
Roswell, New Mexico (T2)
Run (T1)
Siren (S3)
Supergirl (S5)
We’re Here (T1)
Westworld (S3)

Enter catalog:

The jungle
The Queen
Momma Named me Sheriff (S1)

Disney +

Disney + climbs positions one more week for a single premiere, and that is that among the huge -also hackneyed to unsuspected extremes, but that’s another- of its catalog and the powerful of its franchises, with which it releases a blockbuster every couple of weeks have it done.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

If the last major Disney + premiere was Aladdin, now it comes Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, whose launch on the platform occurred, of course, on May 4. On Star Wars Day, go. And despite the fact that -in my opinion- the franchise is burned -as much as The Mandalorian gave a pleasant surprise that is hardly going to be repeated- as it has been shown with this and -except in its technical section- soporific trilogy , a blockbuster is a blockbuster. A billion flies cannot be wrong.

New chapters:

Be Our Chef (S1)
Diary of a future President (T1)
Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings (T2)
The amazing Dr. Pol (S1)
The world according to Jeff Goldblum (S1)
High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (T1)
Marvel’s Hero Project (S1)
One Day at Disney (S1)
Pick of the Litter (S1)
Shop Class (T1)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (T7)
The Imagineering Story (S1)
Tron: Uprising (S1)

Enter catalog:

Christopher Robin
Drain the Ocean: WWII
The Empire of Dreams: The Star Wars Trilogy
Forky asks a question: What is a pet?
Disney / Star Wars Gallery: The Mandalorian
Star Wars: The Resistance

Amazon Prime Video

We continue with Amazon Prime Video, which this week fills out its catalog in a more restrained way, but on the other hand it premieres a series (Spanish) and sells several exclusive things that I don’t think you want to see … But who am I to know what do you like?

Mothers, Love and Life

Following movements such as the dice with El pueblo, Amazon Prime Video has once again partnered with Mediaset to produce a series that will first be seen online and will later go through Telecinco; but unlike The People, Mothers, Love and Life It is not intended to make us laugh, just the opposite. We are facing a melodrama that … Anyway. For whoever wants it.

More exclusive content:

Jimmy O. Yang: Good deal. “In his first special monologue, Jimmy talks about his opinion on Asian acting, how he learned English through rap videos, the dilemmas of dating tall women and pursuing his dreams.”
Lano & Woodley: Fly. “Australia’s favorite double act, Colin Lane and Frank Woodley, have come together to create the return masterpiece FLY. No more silly nonsense, it’s time to do THEATER !. »
Tom Gleeson: Joy. «Gold Logie winner in 2019. Recognized interrogator. Presenter of the television contest with the most audience. Tom Gleeson is one of the most ingenious figures in Australian comedy. »
Vampire Burt’s Serenade. «A daring vampire musical with gallons of blood. Zombie Musical Forgiving vampire Burt (Kevin Richardson) infuriates a group of humorous and unique strippers (Diva Zappa) who declare war on Burt. »

Enter catalog:

88 minutes
Love on high
Amy Meets – An African Journey Through the Eyes of a Child
Assassins (S1)
Bobby z
Changing roles
With love there is no one who can
Deep dark
Bachelorette party
The Sniper
Ellis’s dream
Fire on the Hill
Grace Kelly: An American Princess
Hamam: The Turkish Bath
The fifth of the fifth
Life on wheels
The Lyons
Fake purses
Miso Hungry
Nosferatu Re-animated
The nativity scene was assembled
Sidik and the leopard
Let’s follow the fleet
Soccer Shrines
Steve McQueen: A Man on the Edge
The Child Soldier’s New Job
The gen generation
Wa-shoku: Beyond Sushi
Zazy, sexy and sleazy


And we are ending with Netflix, which as usual is the one that launches the most exclusive content, but with differences compared to the last weeks: the most drinkable is beginning to be scarce due to the situation with the coronavirus and what remains is the infamous, including television Pure trash, leftovers from what comes out on Netflix Asia and little else.


The exception for this week on Netflix would be Valeria, another Spanish series that smells stale that pulls back. And this is not what I say: part of the criticism is with me. It is an adaptation of Elísabet Benavent’s novels, which Sex in New York, but with Madrid as the backdrop and a story that by watching the trailer you will know how it begins and how it ends.

More exclusive content:

18 gifts. “A pregnant mother with terminal cancer leaves 18 sentimental gifts for her unborn daughter to receive every birthday until she comes of age.”
Ainori Love Wagon: African Journey (T1). “Seven strangers leave Japan behind in search of love, embarking on a journey across the African continent. Challenges, adventure and romance are served. »
Extreme commitment. The flame of love (T1). «A couple who is getting married travels the world for a year to explore different customs in various cultures. Will the journey unite them or will it eventually separate them?
Dead to me (T2). “An impulsive widow looking for the person who ran over her husband and fled, befriends an eccentric optimist who is not who she seems to be.”
Flinch (T1). «The most terrible and fun tests await the brave and the unwary in this contest in which the judges also participate. He who is frightened pays for it.
Interior Design Masters (T1). “Budding interior designers vying for an extraordinary contract turn a wide variety of graceless spaces into charming places.”
J-Style Trip (T1). “Megastar Jay Chou goes on a trip with his famous friends in this entertaining series in which there is no lack of music or magic tricks.”
Jailbirds (T1). “In the Sacramento County Jail, inmates defy authority, fight each other and try to make the most of life and love behind bars.”
Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours To Kill. “Jerry Seinfeld takes the stage in New York and addresses the debate over whether to talk or text, bad buffets in front of ‘cool’ restaurants, and more.”
Working mothers (T4). «The maternity leave is already over. It is time for these four mothers to return to work as they deal with the children, the bosses, love and life in Toronto today. ”
My story. “In this documentary, former First Lady Michelle Obama talks about her life, talks to her readers, and goes on tour with her memoir,” My Story. ”
Nadiya’s Time to Eat (T1). “In this cooking series, Nadiya Hussain offers delicious tricks, vital ingredients, and quick dishes ideal for families in a hurry today.”
Niquelao! Germany / France (T1). “In this hilarious contest, amateur but disaster confectioners strive to recreate the sweetest masterpieces and win the € 5,000 prize.”
There is no time for shame (T1). «Fashion designer Santiago Artemis struggles in Buenos Aires to make his dreams come true while dealing with his love life, his therapist and his clients.»
Restaurants in distress (T2). “Three experts in gastronomy and design travel the world to relaunch restaurants that are not going well, connecting them to the magnificent environment in which they are located.”
Scissor Seven (T2). “This apprentice hired assassin wields his barber scissors at night to earn money and remember his past while dealing with unfriendly colleagues.”
Singapore Social (T1). “The lives of young Singaporeans who defy convention and face the obstacles of love, family and career.”
The Eddy (T1). “The owner of a Parisian jazz club is mingled with dangerous criminals as he fights to protect his business, his gang, and his teenage daughter.”
The hollow (T2). «They have awakened in a strange dimension full of magical portals, puzzling mysteries and ferocious beasts. These three teenagers just want to get out of there.
What the Love! with Karan Johar (T1). “With the help of famous guests and a dream team, filmmaker Karan Johar advises six singles to overcome their personal problems and find love.”
Win the Wilderness (T1). “Six couples compete for ownership of a spectacular home in Alaska. They must demonstrate that they are the most suitable to survive in an environment as virgin as inhospitable. ”

Enter catalog:

Colony (S3)
Silly, nothing
Death squad
Hotel Transilvania 3: A monstrous vacation
The pawn shop (S1)
My Hotter Half (T1)
Monogamy (T1)
He wasn’t dead, he was out partying
Operation style (T1)
Palazuelos my king (S1)
Yes my love
Canine super agent
The Chefs ’Line (T1)

Apple TV +

Finally, on Apple TV + they continue to broadcast what they have left, which is not little, but less.

New chapters:

Cycles (T1)
Defend Jacob (S1)
The Ghost Writer (S1)


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