Along with a still modest but improved on the Mi 10 Lite, the Mi 10 Youth Edition, today Xiaomi has presented the next generation of its graphical interface, MIUI 12. The software, which will visually and interactively personalize the brand’s next devices, also receives, update date to a whole battery of terminals, present and past.

Among this great version we find a large number of improvements, which come along multiple fronts, ranging from a renewed dark mode yet extra emphasis on privacy and security of the users.

MIUI 12, what has changed

Xiaomi limits to its Mi A line – currently held by the Mi A3 – the terminals under its own personalization layer. Therefore, all the others have this new interface and will be able to see before or after – if they are lucky – the following new features:

Dark mode 2.0. Dark mode is one of the great visual fronts, especially on devices with an OLED screen, even from the point of view of energy efficiency. This is something that Google itself recognized. Xiaomi already had it, but now it is updated to support third-party applications – which will be adapted to the system’s adjustment. Also, the appearance has been redesigned, to adapt features such as text contrast and is even capable of adapting applications that do not have this mode.

Privacy controlled. MIUI 12 incorporates a new masking system that will allow us to mitigate the tracing that many applications carry out on us, with the implementation of interchangeable identifiers that allow modifying the identity in their eyes.

A sneak for camera, microphone and position. Starting from MIUI 12, we will know expressly when the three great services that most jeopardize our privacy and security are being used when using connected devices: the camera, the microphone and the location. And it will do so in a sufficiently visible and colorful way, in a corner of the terminal.
New Quick Settings. Beside a much flatter design that extends throughout the device, in MIUI 12 comes a renewed control panel in the quick settings of the device, which will now present small animations when we enable or disable any feature.
Immersive wallpapers. An apparently minor development, but one that is striking, is the inclusion of the new wallpapers that zoom when the device is unlocked. The really striking result can be seen in the following video.

Activity monitoring. In MIUI 12 it will be possible to track the activity without having to go for an activity bracelet in the style of the Mi Band

Sleep monitoring. In addition to monitoring physical activity, MIUI 12 incorporates a new application in its own system capable of tracking our performance at rest, determining its quantity and quality. It is not clear, however, where it will get the information so that this system, which reports the time spent in the REM phase, for example, works in the most appropriate way.
More AI in the system. Xiaomi implements a whole battery of tools to perform artificial intelligence tasks more effectively throughout the entire system. One of the specific features that operates on it is IA Calling, which allows users with accessibility problems transcribe the audio of a call.

New mulltitarea. Although it was already present by means of gesture navigation in previous terminals, MIUI 12 now modifies the multitasking operation by means of finger swipes, with new animations that provide continuity between the different positions of the system.

Updated animations. The new animations show an even more fluid system, but that is not the only novelty that arrives in MIUI 12. Now, these transitions are implemented in a new multi-window system that combines a Picture-in-Picture mode or PiP, with the use of emerging applications on the main one that is running.

New weather app. Among many other new features to some of the applications of the system, Xiaomi emphasizes the new application of the time, which now receives a complete redesign with a renewed aesthetic and also, again, more animations.
Beyond. Xiaomi has unveiled the MIUI 12 features today, but claims it is already working on the features of the next version. Therefore, it has already enabled a forum for users to get involved in proposing the functions supported by MIUI 13.

Will my Xiaomi mobile be updated to MIUI 12? When?

Xiaomi has also answered these questions, setting three stages in which this great update of its operating system should arrive. The first has a deadline, while the successive ones will be produced in a progressive way. If your Xiaomi mobile does not appear in this list, it is surely because Xiaomi does not plan to update it.

Third phase:
Xiaomi CC9e
My 8 SE
My Mix 2
My Max 3
Redmi 6, Redmi 6a, Redmi 6 Pro, Redmi 7, Redmi 7a, Redmi 8 and Redmi 8a
Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 8
Mi 6 and Mi 6X

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