In PUSH THE BUTTON we are very fans of the saga of Gears of War and of Xcom, then when we found out that there would be a game set in the universe of Gears and with mechanics of Xcom, first we got scared because we didn’t see it working, luckily The Coalition He did magic and has delivered another title worthy of the franchise, as strange as it may seem.

It’s amazing to think that it’s been 14 years since they turned the genre of Third Person Shooter with the launch of Gears of War, one of the games that marked the success of Xbox 360. With 6 titles telling us about the adventures of the Delta team and their fight against the Locust threat, Today comes a new entry in the history of Gears of War in the form of a prequel.

Everything happens 12 years before the first game, we will take the role of Gabriel and Sid Redburn
who should find Ukkon, scientific leader of the horde Locust, which has managed to make changes to the already lethal creatures. On his way he will join other members of the COG, in addition to the rebel groups that have always been part of the chaotic planet It will be.

With Gears 5 Coming to Xbox One and PC last year, this time The Coalition decided to leave the
world of third person shooting and opted for turn-based combat in the style of Xcom.

Living up to its name, we must now think tactically instead of shooting
each head hidden behind a wall or wall. As in previous games, we will take control of a team of up to four characters, with certain missions only allowing us to use two.

Each one represents a different unit, with Gabriel being the most balanced between movement, attack, defense and support, being the one that carries the already iconic Lancer.

The other characters take other roles such as tank, intimidator, etc. Likewise, the locust
They have their own divisions, which will vary with each new mission, making us think about which units we will take to the battlefield.

As we progress through the game, we will be able to recruit more units, from characters that
actively participate in the story, as well as NPCs that we can customize to our
craving, from changing their hair, to putting beards and scars.

As in other similar games, the battle consists of turns, one for us and one for the enemy. In each turn we will be able to move each member of our unit, each with three actions to perform, ranging from attacking, moving and providing support. This will allow us to place our characters at strategic points in the battle zone, with the general idea being to cover points where we think the locust will approach, using commands such as “Watch” which will open a fire zone if any enemy enters it. .

Obviously and as usual in Gears of WarWe must cover ourselves, since if we do not, we will be completely open to receiving damage and, well, things hit hard. In addition to firing and throwing grenades, each character has a range of abilities ranging from healing to immobilizing or interrupting locust. Sure, it couldn’t be a Gears without having executions and using the Lancer saw.

These options are tied to a “skill tree”, which we can unlock with
points, which we will earn as we level up. At the end of each mission, we will gain experience points depending on our performance, which is affected by character.. From how many locust do we eliminate, damage taken and the number of turns it took us to pass the mission.

In addition to completing the objectives of each mission, there are squandered “gear boxes” in the
field, which will give us improvements for our weapons and new pieces of armor, always
and when we finish the mission without dying, since when restarting a control point, the boxes that we have recovered before losing, they will return to the map where we must collect them again, using action points that perhaps would serve us better in combat.

As we mentioned before, each weapon can be personalized with different pieces, which
give them properties like doing more damage, improving precision, increasing the number of
shots before reloading; increase our ability to heal etc. The same goes for the armor pieces, each giving us a different property.

Gears Tactics is not a complex game, its mechanics are easy to learn and although simple, they have depth, making the title not repetitive.

This new form of game may not be liked by fans of the series, however, and seeing the reaction of the previous two titles, the change is appreciated and is a good way to get into the “RPG”.

Gears Tactics is now available as a momentary PC exclusive, something we don’t quite understand
Well since most of the players in the franchise are consoleros, but anyway.

Great option for these days of confinement and although we were far from a global pandemic, we would also recommend it so that they still shut themselves up to play anyway.

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