MSI continues to update its gaming monitors with the new Optix MAG274R. In line with the rest of its Optix MAG family of monitors, we find ultra-thin bezels on the top and sides. Although this time, since it is a peripheral oriented for gaming competitions, it has opted for a slightly more angular aesthetic and lines, and of course, a small addition of RGB lighting.

Specifications MSI Optix MAG274R

Screen: 27-inch Anti-Glare IPS Panel
Resolution: Full HD up to 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and a 16: 9 aspect ratio
Refresh Rate: Up to 144 Hz
Response time: 1 ms
Typical contrast: 1,000: 1
Viewing angles: 178º / 178º
Audio: Without built-in speakers
Others: AMD FreeSync Premium, HDR, Gaming OSD

One of the first things that strikes us about the MSI Optix MAG274R is that it is equipped with an IPS panel instead of the already recurring TNs, offering a wider viewing angle under minimal color changes and without distortion when viewed from different angles. Additionally, the IPS panel will deliver clear images and instantly optimize screen color and brightness to ensure a better gaming experience.

As for the rest of the configurations, some adequate values ​​stand out, although they are not excessively outstanding either, with 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. And is that while these are enough to meet most competitive fast-moving games, in a way we miss a little more innovation and desire to excel, as we have been seeing recently with bets like Acer or AOC.

Still, the Optix MAG274R continues to present itself as a rather attractive option thanks to the inclusion of MSI’s Gaming OSD software, with which we can control all the screen settings through a simple window instead of manual controls. In addition to adding other options such as personalization and configuration of the screen according to the programs and applications that we run, thus being able to save different profiles for each type of game.

Finally, we can also find Night Vision technology recently incorporated into the Gaming OSD itself. An image enhancement system that intelligently calculates each sector of the monitor to amplify the details of dark areas, instead of increasing the illumination of the entire panel, thus avoiding that some areas are overexposed, and offering visually deeper and pleasing results.

At the moment MSI has not revealed more information about the Optix MAG274R, without knowing when or how much it will reach the market.


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