Despite the complexity of its name, surely mRNA-1273 will be on everyone’s lips in no time. And it is that after this reference to the ribonucleic acid responsible for transferring information from the cell nucleus to the ribosomes, there is the scientific test that the Moderna company is developing. An essay that, in parallel to many others that are being developed throughout the world, and which aims to find the already essential vaccine against COVID-19.

And why talk about mRNA-1273 now? Well, after finishing, just two weeks ago and successfully, the first phase of the trial, has already begun to take the first steps of the second, which modifies both the age range of the patients to be tested, and the amount of the drug to be tested in them.

For the first phase, the mRNA-1273 samples were tested on people between 18 and 55 years, that is, healthy people and in a safe age range. In this second phase, two groups are established based on age, the first within the same range, and a second from 55 onwards. This, undoubtedly, is a key factor, since the fatality of the disease increases substantially from the sixties, which is why it is essential that the future vaccine be able to protect as many of its potential victims as possible.

Moderna expects Phase 3 of the mRNA-1273 study to begin next July, and include vaccine doses between 25 µg and 100 µg. This will mean an expansion of the phase two range, which is between 50 and 100 micrograms. In this way, and with the conclusions drawn from the second phase, what will be sought is to determine the minimum amount of the drug that must be used to generate the much sought immunity against the coronavirus.

Regarding the results of the first phase, which was carried out with eight test patients, an increase in immunity was observed with respect to the pathogen, which is more important, an almost absolute lack of side effects. According to the researchers, the only consequence of the vaccination was a reddening of the skin in the area where the vaccine had been applied. A more than acceptable consequence, if we take into account everything it offers as consideration.


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