Author: Carlota G Velloso

In recent weeks, solutions to video analysis of people’s temperatures have proliferated. However, this formula cannot identify asymptomatic cases.

Motorola has created a camera with artificial intelligence that detects if social distancing and the use of face masks in interior spaces are met. Its objective is to facilitate the reopening of establishments, according to the company.

This proposal consists of gathering sequences and statistics about the moments and spaces in which the security measures are not complied with. AND focuses on the two basic recommendations to contain COVID-19: the distance of two meters and the use of masks.

As the firm explains in a statement, this solution allows establishments to make a safer and more efficient management of their interior spaces.

This software, known as Avigilon, notifies store managers and store control centers if the proper parameters are met. It is about each business being able to make decisions in real time and efficiently manage the situations in which customers or employees are exposed.

This system is based, according to Motorola, on prevention, protection and decision-making. “It provides a solution and supports companies to resume activity and that their workers can safely return to their offices and facilities,” says the firm.

“Companies are looking for the best way to resume work, with one overarching goal, which is to ensure the health of their employees and customers,” said the company’s vice president of video and analytics security, John Kedzierski.

“Our customers are demanding our solutions so that we can help them mitigate the impact of COVID-19 when they open their facilities, so we have developed a set of applications that combine the benefits of video and data processing using artificial intelligence,” explained.

According to Fast Company, Avigilon will be installed from the end of June, date on which Motorola plans to have the system ready.

In any case, these cameras involve some difficulties, such as the angle at which they are placed or their ability to discern when some people, from the same family, can be less than two meters away.

Another firm, Camio, is working on something similar to the Motorola camera. Your system detects the same, the moments when there is a concentration of people or the absence of facial protection.

Camio’s system is aimed mainly at factories and public places. His camera focuses on the analysis of spaces to design interior and exterior partition plans and, in addition, trace routes with signs.

The difference between the two, according to the same source, is that the Camio system works with any security camera thanks to the use of software in the cloud, while Motorola’s requires specific hardware.

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