Every day it is more frequent, at least it has been my case for years and I know many people in the same situation, that the laptop is the only equipment with which we work and that when purchasing it we look for reliability and high performance, but also a design where lightness prevails.

Moshi Symbus is a compact USB-C hub that for 139.95 euros allows us to turn our laptop (as long as it has a USB-C connection) into a desktop computer to enjoy the advantages of working with an external HDMI monitor, as well as a larger keyboard or a mouse that responds better than trackpads or notebook touchpads, no matter how good these are or how much some users are truly virtuous working with them.

The concept is simple, what we are looking for is to gain productivity when we are sitting at the work table (whether at home if we telecommute or in an office) and when it is not, having a light laptop that, although it does not have many options for connection, you can acquire them thanks to a USB-C hub like Moshi Symbus.

Moshi Symbus, compact and light

Since we are moving in a portability environment, there would be no point in Moshi Symbus being very large and heavy. Fortunately, it is a compact hub of 11.5 x 7.1 x 2.9 centimeters and 620 grams of weight, small enough to carry it in our laptop bag, although my recommendation is that it be installed on the table where we are going to make use of a second screen or where we want to connect to the internal network (or the Internet) via Ethernet cable.

What this USB-C hub offers is very clear on the Moshi website:

Connection to the laptop through a cable that connects to Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C.
HDMI port to connect an external display (4K at 30Hz, 1080p at 60Hz).
Gigabit Ethernet port.
2 USB-A ports to connect keyboard, mouse or external hard drive. These ports allow data transfer at a maximum speed of 5 Gbps (USB 3.1 Gen 1). One of the USB ports allows you to charge smartphones or tablets (it is indicated with a battery symbol).
USB-C laptop fast charge function (up to 50W).
LED indicator for charging the laptop battery to which it is connected.

In our tests with an HP Specter 13 from 2016, the laptop charge worked perfectly and also this Moshi Symbus was shown as the perfect solution to easily have extra ports in a computer that is not characterized precisely by having many of them (three USB-C) due to its minimal thickness (1 cm). It was also very useful to be able to connect the HP Specter to the Ethernet network socket and thus enjoy a faster Internet connection than usual with WiFi.

In another of the tests we connected a 2018 12.9-inch iPad Pro and we also took advantage of both the Ethernet connection and the charging function or the possibility of using a mouse on the iPad, as well as connecting it to an external screen via the HDMI of the Moshi Symbus.

Finally, mention that if you work with Mac it is possible to download an application from the App Store (it is called Moshi USB-C Dock Utility) which allows you to view the charging status of the laptop, eject connected devices, check the status of Ethernet and update the firmware. All this we can do from the macOS menu bar. Also, remember that all Moshi products are covered by a 10-year international warranty.

Final assessment


Moshi Symbus is a compact USB-C hub that allows us to turn our laptop into a desktop computer to enjoy an external HDMI monitor and other devices such as keyboards and mice.


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