In support of MSMEs with sales platforms for health contingencies, the Ministry of Economy and Amazon have decided to offer a workshop free of charge that will take place next Friday.

SET Puebla News

How to sell on Amazon ?, online training for MSMEs, is the workshop that will be held by the Ministry of the Economy and said e-commerce company next Friday, May 8 at 12:00.

The goals of Amazon Mexico that the State Government puts online at no cost and through the portal of the agency, have as goals to support micro, small and medium-sized companies so that they can train and sell their products during this contingency period. by COVID19 (coronavirus).

The link to the conference will be developed through the page of the Ministry of Economy, where a form must be filled in the previous days to be able to access the online training workshop.

Amazon is an e-commerce and cloud computing services company at all levels based in Seattle, United States, with a presence in various countries in the region; It is one of the first companies to sell goods through the internet.

Today it is a fully diversified platform and cataloged in different product lines: software, electronics, clothing, furniture, food, books, among other goods and services.



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