The Gole11 is an interesting hybrid between mini PC and tablet that comes with a rather curious design. We have a compact chassis with a wedge-type format that is topped by a touch screen on top. It is very light and has a contained size, allowing it to be used with both hands without any problem.

At the level of specifications this equipment has a configuration that we can consider as low cost, but that is enough to enjoy an acceptable user experience with Windows 10 Pro, and is fully compatible with the main Linux distributions that currently exist.

This “all-in-one” mini PC features an 11.6-inch touchscreen and resolution Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) of type IPS, which means it offers quite good image quality and has 178 degree viewing angles. Your heart is a processor Intel Celeron N3450, a low-power, low-performance chip that has four cores and four threads at 1.1 GHz-2 GHz, normal mode and turbo.

How could it be otherwise, it uses the integrated GPU of the processor, an Intel HD 500, and has 4 GB of RAM LPDDR4 type and 64 GB of storage capacity, expandable up to 256 GB through a microSD card. It has Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth integrated, and comes with a complete range of connectors that will allow us to use almost any type of accessory.

A very interesting mini PC for $ 99

Its specifications are very tight, so much so that it fits with what we could consider as a low-end equipment, but taking into account its specifications and the price that the truth is that this mini PC offers great value for what it costsSo much so that we are not surprised that this exit promotion has sold out.

Right now we can get one unit for 119 dollars, 110 euros, and those responsible for the project agree to start shipments from June, provided that the campaign they have open at IndieGoGo reaches the goal they have set. There is still a long time to go until the deadline they have set, so I don’t think they will have any trouble achieving it.

Such a mini PC offers many possibilities. For example, we could use it as device for multimedia and web browsing and place it in different rooms of our home, and we could also move it freely at any time. So, if we want to see something while we prepare dinner in the kitchen we can place it on top, within our range of vision and that’s it.

The normal retail price of this equipment is $ 249, a figure that is obviously not so attractive anymore.

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