Does the franchise Devil? In PUSH THE BUTTON we are very fans and obviously we are also fans of dungeon crawlers in general, that’s why it caught our attention Minecraft dungeons. It’s good? Does it deserve your attention? Well, its news is very few, it risks very little (or rather nothing), but we started playing it and without realizing it, we had been looting and fighting for several hours. It has the advantage that it can be played for free by users of Game pass, but for more detail, below the review of Leo Gonzalez of PUSH THE BUTTON.

These lockdown times have allowed games to explore titles that we may never think of playing for one reason or another.

So one day the title came to the HQ’s from PTB Minecraft dungeons, a spin-off from the famous cubic franchise whose original game never caught me, so I was curious about what to expect from this new installment that really has nothing to do with the original game beyond aesthetics.

If at the gamer level they are like me with a penchant for action games and they did not enjoy Minecraft at the time, well … really must try Dungeons, with only an hour and a half of play he challenged me, he beat me and I was quite excited, but we are going by parts.

The story is simple. A villain hated by everyone finds an orb and boom is now powerful and resentful, makes everyone worship him and using monsters dominates the entire kingdom. Therefore, your mission is to save everyone and defeat the enemy while cleaning each of the areas on the map. That’s it.

You’re clearly not going to play it for its history. It is the rest of its elements that makes it an entertaining game.

The game is divided into maps and each map is very well designed, with a good balance between adventure and constant action, in addition to having to look for secrets gives a retro feeling that is where it shows its roots and influences from other dungeon crawlers, but quite fresh and well-carried.

Minecraft Dungeons is leveling up with you, the rewards for eliminating enemies include everything in these games, the same template of the genre: ammunition, health potions, potions of power ups and regeneration of life. As in all games in this genre, it’s about finding the best loot.

This title encourages you to occupy all the skills and inventory that you have in a balanced way by implementing a system where after occupying a special inventory equipment (health, explosive dates, etc.) you can not use it again in a certain time, which makes you a balanced player and makes you rethink when to use each thing depending on the situation.

Of course you can improve all the weapons you have, and by being able to change your skills at any time you can focus on accommodating your inventory to the style that best suits you. But we insist: you will have to use all your skills.

The story progresses at the pace that you decide, because each map has different levels of difficulty that you open according to the level of power that you have in the game, that is; the higher the character level, the higher the difficulty levels, which creates the feeling that the game grows with you, adding a lot of re-playability to the title.

It has the option of online or local multiplayer in the console so you can pass the story with your friends which is obviously the most recommended.

Take advantage of the fact that the game comes in Game Pass, if you already have the service, you can play it for free. Perhaps it is the best way to enjoy Minecraft Dungeons, without a doubt it is the one that we recommend the most.

In PUSH THE BUTTON We don’t rate video games because they aren’t math tests, but you’ll enjoy it if you like dungeon crawlers or VERY specifically if you like the Diablo franchise.

If you made it this far, you are constitutionally committed to following PUSH THE BUTTON everywhere. Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Spotify, Discord… You will have a good time, we promise. And if you have doubts about the game, ask Leo González here: @ Leongon77

The download code was provided by Xbox Mexico for review.


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