Microsoft is on long tablecloths, because the card mini-video game, ‘Lonely’, the one that came installed in the huge computers With a version of Windows 3.0, it is 30 years old since it was created in 1990. And although it may seem incredible to you, in all this time more than 100 million games, which means that your deck of 52 cards have been shuffled billions of times, being one of the most played video games in history.

The most impressive thing is that despite the fact that the graphics of the game has not evolved in line with technology, today “Solitaire” still keeps some 35 million monthly users, This was one of the reasons why he entered the Video Game Hall of Fame in 2019, next to ‘Tetris ’,‘ Halo: Combat Envolved ’, and‘ Dom ’.


But perhaps the best of its qualities is the impact it has had on society. Designed by Wes Cherry, as a learning tool for digital migrants and whose objective was as basic as learning to master the computer mouse, the virtual card game has crossed the borders of time, of Tic’s and entertainment for the next three generations, as well as those of money.

When the ‘Solitaire’ came to be translated into 65 languages ​​and to be installed in more than 200 markets around the world including Antarctica, with the arrival of Windows 8 Microsoft made it part of the company’s business, marketing tricks and advertising. Although it did not fare well, many users complained that even with the payment scheme, the advertising covered the entire screen.


Although the video game had its best period in the 90’s, during the first years of the millennium many people were fired for playing ‘Lonely’ in the office. In 2012, according to the BBC, the psychologist at the Center for Computer Addiction Studies at McLean Hospital in the United States confessed that she had to ddevelop a game-specific addiction therapy Microsoft, because its patients stayed hooked on the video game.

So those who say that the ‘Solitaire’ is nothing more than a godin game, are wrong, since it can actually be compared to one of the most important contributions in history. For its part, the International Museum has already published a shortlist of nominees to enter the Video Game Hall of Fame in 2020. In such a way that Microsoft Solitaire could be accompanied by the arcade video game ‘Centipede ’, 1981; of the ‘King’s Quest ’, 1980; or even ‘Nokia Snake ’, from 1998.


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