We have been talking about Surface Book 3And it is that this line of the Surface family has not received new members since the beginning of 2018, a little over two years ago. Already in late 2019, when the new Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3 were presented at the annual Redmond event, many of us wondered: what about Book 3?

Since then, some news has emerged, which we have reported to you on MuyComputer, such as when the first performance data in 3D Mark appeared by surprise, Microsoft patented a thermal design that would fit perfectly with the expected device, or more recently a new leak, this one about the possible prices it will have when it goes on sale.

And today, thanks to the certifying entity Energy starWe can confirm here and here part of the technical specifications. In addition, unlike leaks, which can be more or less reliable but not 100% secure, what is evident is that the information that this entity has has been provided by Microsoft to receive certification in its products, so you should 100% correspond to the actual specifications.

The first thing we see is that Surface Book 3 could have a wide range of configurations, which at its top of the range can scale up to 32GB RAM with 1.3-gigahertz quad-core Core i7 processors. These data are applicable for both 13 and 15 inches. It seems clear from these numbers that Microsoft intends to cover a very broad spectrum of potential users.

In this table you can see the confirmed data of the 13-inch version:

And in this the ones corresponding to the 15-inch Surface Book 3:

As you can see, there are only differences in consumption in different states, something that is obviously due to the higher consumption of the 15-inch screen than the 13-inch screen. However, and from what we can see, the hardware will be similar in both sizes. . This will undoubtedly be especially appreciated by those users who need small but high-performance devices, and who now no longer have to give up some performance points in exchange for using the 13-inch version.


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