Many of you here will still remember that classic scene from the Minority Report in which Tom Cruise used floating virtual screens with his hands, or the latest interactive virtual reality displays by Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man. Coinciding with the month of April of the film, but anticipating more than 30 years, it seems that this future begins to take a real shape, with the new Microsoft HoloScreens project and the HoloLens augmented reality glasses.

As the leak expert WalkingCat shows us, this new application plans to allow us to add additional virtual monitors to our desktop or laptop desktops, using floating elements and 100% recreated in this non-physical space. In this way, unlike other current applications such as Oculus Bigscreen, HoloScreens will not replace the existing screen, but simply, will extend it, in the same way that we would do it when connecting a second or third monitor on our table.

In fact, for all purposes except the physical location, these HoloScreens work under the normal multi-screen configuration, which will allow us move and interact with the mouse pointer, and even drag windows and programs across screens.

It also highlights the moment of the leak itself, framed in an exceptional global situation in which a large majority of people and businesses have seen their productivity transferred and limited to the devices of their homes, very often, much more limited in functionality and space regarding offices. Although for the moment no availability date has been disclosed, the apparent advanced state that can be seen in the captures, could augur its prompt presentation.

However, while this new application will allow users to save on the purchase of large monitors, at the moment it does not imply real savings either. And is that the price of also necessary Microsoft HoloLens, up to $ 4,500, it is still too high. With a little luck, the creation and investment in this new type of technology will end up opening this market still to be exploited, with the arrival of new products, and a normalization of their prices.


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