We continue talking about Microsoft, and that is Microsoft keeps talking about Linux for active and passive, or what is is not the same, but it is similar, in word and deed. The Build 2020 event that is held these days through the Internet has been another forum that the company has used, in this case, to present new products, several of which have a lot to do with Linux.

This has happened, for example, with Microsoft Edge for Linux, of which the first images have been shown. As you know, the jump from the browser to Chromium brought with it the possibility of making it truly and easily cross-platform, and although at first there were the typical dimes and diretes, finally the company confirmed that Microsoft Edge for Linux is on the way. The when hasn’t changed and plans for its release into the penguin system go through sometime this year.

Meanwhile, this event has served to publicly show the first image of Microsoft Edge for Linux and the truth is … that there is the thing. Zero surprises: the browser looks the way it does in Windows, only it’s not Windows, but Linux and a custom GNOME desktop that oozes Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Be that as it may, this is not the most important thing, although there is little else to tell.

As it was announced at the time, Microsoft Edge for Linux will be the same as for macOS or Windows, with the exception of the compatibility mode with Microsoft Explorer. Otherwise, the experience will be – or should be – the same, including the tools and customizations that Microsoft has implemented in the browser, the support of extensions, data synchronization, etc. In short, one more alternative to navigate from Linux.

The good thing is that this new version of Microsoft Edge based on Chromium is quite popular and those who use it on Windows will be able to do it on Linux as well. The bad, the rest: it is proprietary, an attack on privacy at the level of Chrome or Opera and, as I have repeated on some occasion, a bad choice, having more decent and equally powerful alternatives such as Firefox, Brave or Vivaldi. But it is on the way and we will tell you.


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