We may not be able to physically meet in a compound to listen to our bands.But these restrictions have not prevented the music from being listened to, and not only on our devices and headphones, but “live and direct”. Yes, we refer to those concerts via streaming that have occurred in recent months.

And as everything in this life changes, those individual performances have become collective until they mutate into a digital festival in the most literal sense of the word. The best example of this is the Block By Blockwest Festival, which will be held on Saturday, April 25.

Massive Attack at Festival Ceremony 2019. / Getty Images

This Block By Blockwest will feature the participation of dozens of bands, among which the Pussy Riot and a very special guest who has just joined the poster: Massive Attack. As you read it, tomorrow April 25 we can listen to 3D and Daddy G.

Massive Attack will play songs from their show Massive Attack vs Adam Curtis, a rather strange concept between the BBC documentary filmmaker, and the members of Massive Attack, especially with Robert Del Naja. Massive Attack vs Adam Curtis is a presentation of images, music, sounds, ideas to warn the population of political consciousness.

For the Block By Blockwest Festival, will include the voice of 3D and Elizabeth Fraser. We already mentioned that Massive will be with Pussy Riot, but other bands that will be part are IDLES, Cherry Glazerr, Fever 333, Hunny, Sports Team, The Polar Boys, and more. All of them are part of this initiative that aims to raise funds for the Corona Virus Emergency Response.

Massive Attack will play at 3:30 pm Mexico City time.

When and where?

The Block By Blockwest Festival will be held this Saturday, April 25 within Minecraft. For those (like me) who are a bit lost in this matter, Minecraft is a game called “sandbox” where the grace is that you can build, destroy or create things in the virtual environment where you are thrown. It can be played on all consoles and on the computer.

In the unlimited construction modes, known as creative, one of the great virtues is visit them when they are (finished) to see what is there. And this is how the concert will be. The user goes to the server where it is installed, and you can see what happens. The festival will be on a server and you can go see it.

Recreation in Rivendell’s Minecraft within the universe of ‘The Lord of the Rings’.

Minecraft is famous for its square graphics, and here comes the name, we think, of Block by Blockwest (because all the things in the game are in square blocks).


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