Beyond the annual sports and dance titles, many will still remember the years of good EA titles, such as the huge success of the original Mass Effect trilogy. And it is that everyone who has accompanied Commander Shepard is in luck, since everything points to the imminent arrival of Mass Effect Trilogy, a remastered compilation of three original installments.

The information comes to us from VentureBeat, who revealed the appearance of “An unnamed HD title” in EA’s latest financial earnings report, thus confirming a development already underway. However, this still does not confirm the return of Mass Effect.

Looking back, as the publisher herself stated a few months ago, EA would be preparing to launch a total of 14 games during next 2021, among which names such as Command & Conquer Remastered or Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond have already been confirmed, sagas that we could rule out for this remaster.

However, the company wanted to remain more silent regarding the eight titles of its internal studies to be released. during this year. So, beyond the four expected sports titles (corresponding to FIFA, NFL, NHL and UFC), fans have been quick to shuffle some of the most successful and outdated franchises like Battlefield, The Sims or Dragon Age, leaving a fourth space that could perfectly occupy this trilogy of action and science fiction.

Despite not being able to 100% confirm the arrival of the Mass Effect Trilogy, the rest of the data continues to point to this title. And is that a simultaneous launch is expected for all platforms, with the only exception of Nintendo Switch, which apparently would delay its launch somewhat more. Likewise, despite the also dated arrival of the new generation of consoles at the end of this year, everything points to the compilation being released only for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, leaving its presence on PS5 and Xbox Series X in their own backward compatibility.

So, in the absence of official confirmation or announcement by EA, we have no choice but to wait for the next annual EA Play event, which you have already confirmed will keep its original date of 11th of June, happening to be held as a completely digital presentation.


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