Graham Rapier.

3M has filed a lawsuit against an Amazon seller accusing him of charging up to 20 times the sale price by the company’s N95 masks.

The company notes in its lawsuit filed Monday in California federal court that Mao Yu and its associated companies charged $ 23.21 (€ 20.60) – well above 3M’s usual retail price of 0.63 to 3 , 40 dollars (between 0.56 and 3.02 euros) – for the masks. It is one of the 12 lawsuits against alleged price speculators in the midst of the pandemic.

The Wall Street Journal was the first to report the lawsuit. In a statement over the phone, Yu claims he has not yet received a copy of the lawsuit.

“Certain bad actors have tried to exploit the crisis and prey on innocent parties through a variety of scams involving 3M N95 masks and other health-related products,” 3M claims in its lawsuit. “These scams include the sale of counterfeit, damaged, deficient or otherwise altered products, illicit price increases, false offers and other unfair and deceptive practices, all of which undermine the integrity of the market and constitute a constant threat to public health and safety. “

3M assures in a press release that would donate the compensation received as part of the lawsuit to COVID-19’s recovery efforts.

“3M customers deserve authentic products at fair prices, and this scam aims to exploit the demand for our critical products during the pandemic using the 3M name associated with the price scam and counterfeiting,” says Denise Rutherford, senior vice president 3M corporate affairs. “Our collaboration with Amazon is one of the important ways that we are working to prevent and combat fraud, and we will also report this illegal activity to law enforcement.”

Amazon has withdrawn Yu and its associated companies from its sales platform, reveals 3M.

The price scam quickly became a concern for online platforms as the coronavirus spread worldwide, and giants, including Ebay, claimed they were “actively eliminating” such offers.


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