When Intel unveiled its Ice Lake chips last year, the company promised the arrival of a higher-performance 28-watt processor, the Core i7-1068G7. However, as time went by we not only stopped hearing about this chip, but even came to disappear your tab on the Intel website.

Luckily, beyond a step back from the company, it has all resulted in the sudden appearance of two new chipsets, both with 28-watt Ice Lake processors and integrated Iris Plus graphics, which from the looks of it, will be available exclusively on the new MacBook Pro 13 laptop announced earlier this week.

This is a strong bet on the part of both companies, given the recent rumors of the possibility that Apple finally chose to replace its long history with Intel, with the cheaper ARM processors from AMD. A decision that not only would have achieved a significant reduction in its final price, in line with its new smartphone strategy, but would have opened the door to a possible graphic improvement, one of the points most demanded by fans in recent years.

Specifications Intel Core i7-1068NG7 (28W)

Lithography: 10nm
Cores: Quadra-core with 8 threads
Base frequency: 2.30 GHz
Maximum frequency (tube): 4.10 GHz
Base Graphics Frequency: 300 MHz
Maximum graphics frequency (tube): 1.1 GHz
Cache: 8 MB
Bus speed: 4 GT / s
TDP: 28 W

In summary, the biggest differences of this new processor focus on higher power consumption and higher base and boost speeds. However, since these chips appear to be made exclusively for Apple, they will apparently not support some features available to other Ice Lake processors, surprising the absence of a TDP support or configuration, or support for Intel Optane memories, which neither directly appear as an option for any of the newer MacBook Pro 13 models.

At the moment it is not clear if the exclusivity of these 28W processors will remain temporary, or if Intel has really played this card to try to strengthen its relationship with Apple. Although given the rumors of the near arrival of the next generation of Tiger Lake processors, within this year, some manufacturers may directly choose to wait.


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