If you enjoy terror it is time to turn off the lights and light the candles. ‘Little Hope’, the new and chilling episode of ‘The Dark Pictures Anthology ’, It will leave you spellbound in every sense of the word. The graphics are much more shockingyes, with new characters in a story that will make you feel terror in every movement of control, that, if before a witch does not absorb your spirit, or that of any of your friends, with the different modalities multiplayer.

In the second installment of Suppermasive Games, he took a risk with a video game dominated absolutely by witches, which in another line could be a ‘churrazo’, but it ends up being the opposite, all oneatrocious venture, where it combines the horror of the Salem Witches, Silent Hill and the spooky Witch of Blago who will haunt youartistic res phases of the historia, a small town to leave without even “a little hope.”


The trailer recently released worldwide on April 14, 2020, leaves nothing to the imagination and from what we can appreciate, just like the episode, ‘Man of Medan‘Murders are the order of the day, as is satanic worship. With the slight difference that ‘Little Hope’ It also offers a tasty combination of unique scares.

Another thing that we can not miss, is less than a year after the launch of the predecessor of the game and yet the graphss have a brutal evolution, it seems that 4K has been in the pastor, bringing the animations almost to real lifeAlthough believe me, the terror will be legitimate.


We want the language and the feel of things to be real, and this was a pretty unpleasant moment. All of our games are actually about relationships, characters, and the trips they take, so it takes some of those brutal elements, as well as the way people treat each other and incorporate it into our game ”, the creators pointed out to a local media.

But also, ‘The Dark Pictures Anthology’, He also thought about how to improve the experience for users. Little Hope ’offers a cooperative mode for two players where each participant can see, hear and perceive different things within the same game session. Simply amazing! It is possible to change the perspective dand the 5 characters: Where the players have the last decision, everyone can live or die in your version of the story.


But even more relevant is that ‘Little Hope’ is not written from start to finish, history can change dramatically as decisions are made in the gameor and if you cannot outright fear, the ‘movie night’ mode has been enabled so that up to 5 players can play together, each controlling a different character.

The best thing is that despite the adversities that the world faces due to the COVID-19 pandemic, gamers will not be so affected, because according to Suppermasive Games, until now, the tentative launch date has not been modified. We will look forward the arrival of June 30, 2020, to run to compare it.


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