Linux market share grew explosively in April, according to the data of use of desktop operating systems that Netmarketshare offers each month.

Linux’s market share grew in April to 2.87%, according to the analytics firm. A veritable barbarity that has no precedent in years, since it would double the data obtained from the previous month and that they were 1.36%.

Such intense growth has little explanation, unless there has been a change in the data collection methodology of the analysis firm. As this is not mentioned, the second possibility is that thousands of users, we suppose dedicated to support, engineering or development, have installed Linux on their machines while they are confined at home by the COVID-19 pandemic and that this has been picked up by Netmarketshare.

In any case, very interesting for those of us who think that the free system will not be a real alternative until it has an acceptable market share and with it the manufacturers are betting on pre-install it on new machines and improve its support at all levels.

Another system that grew in April was macOS, going from 8.94% to 9.75% adding all the installed versions. You already know that Apple’s share on the desktop is directly related to the Mac computers that it is able to sell, since it does not license the use of systems to third parties and the use of Hackintosh is invaluable.

If Linux goes up and Mac goes up, you know who has to download it. Windows 10 it fell more than one percentage point, breaking an overall upward trend. In any case, it leads the market at a great distance with 56%.

Windows 7 is also down almost a point, although it maintains a huge quota for an unsupported operating system and is installed on one in four personal computers on the planet. Chrome OS


The share of web browsers remained unchanged. Big developments, Chrome, Edge and Firefox, grew a few tenths indicating concentration around the most popular ones.

The conclusions are the same as the previous month:

Chrome remains unstoppable at the forefront of global navigation and continues to grow month by month.
It will not be easy for Microsoft to increase the market, not even with Chromium.
Firefox’s share is still concerning.


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