In this article there are three quality ingredients: Linux, Windows and Raspberry Pi. On the one hand, Linux, an operating system so versatile that it can run on different architectures, such as integrated boards Raspberry Pi. Also, with the right knowledge you can customize your Linux system by adding or removing components. This includes its graphical interface.

And this is where it comes in Windows. Some Linux distributions imitate Windows so that certain users feel more comfortable with it switch from Windows to Linux. Or simply because they like the look of their interface.

The point is that PI LAB, whom I have only been able to locate through his YouTube channel, decided to unite the best of two worlds, Linux and Windows, to create Raspbian95 and RaspbianXP. As its name indicates, these are versions of Linux that mimic the interfaces of Windows 95 and Windows XP.

An eccentricity for Raspberry Pi

Specific, PI LAB has been based on Raspbianwhich in turn is a Debian-based Linux and adapted to work on Raspberry Pi devices.

The peculiarity is that Raspbian95 imitates the Windows 95 interface, which was a complete change compared to previous versions of Windows. For its part, RaspbianXP imitates the appearance of Windows Xp, which was also a big change back in 2001.

In other words, you can enjoy all the advantages of Linux and Raspbian, but with an environment that will be more familiar to you if you have been a user of Windows 95 or XP.

As a featured add-on app, it is included Box86, an emulator for run Linux programs and games in x86 version. Remember that Raspberry Pi uses an ARM processor.

Available to download

The images of both versions of Linux are compressed into 7zip and they come in IMG format, the usual for Raspberry Pi. To write Raspbian95 or RaspbianXP to a microSD memory card, you will need a tool like balenaEtcher. Otherwise, the default user is pi and the password is asd.

The good news is that you can download Raspbian95 and RaspbianXP free of charge. The updated links are available on his official YouTube video.

The bad news is, when I tried the download links hosted on Google DriveAlthough the RaspbianXP link worked correctly, the Raspbian95 link does not work at the moment, so you will have to search the internet.

Be that as it may, Raspbian95 and RaspbianXP there are two eccentricities that can be useful if you want to enjoy Windows, at least in its appearance, if you use a device Raspberry Pi.


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