Netmarketshare has released its browser and operating system market share report for May 2020. The update reveals an interesting trend with Linux rise on the desktop as a highlight.

Linux’s market share grew in April to 2.87%. It was the biggest rise in years since it doubled the data obtained from the previous month and was 1.36%. In May, according to the analysis firm, the use of the free system increased again to 3.17%.

There is no official explanation for why a particular operating system has grown so explosively. Netmarketshare rules out a change in methodology, so it would only be explained by the COVID-19 pandemic, the massive confinement and that thousands of users have recovered machines with Linux in the networks where the analysis firm collects the data. As we said, the increase in share is essential for Linux support to improve at all levels and manufacturers to bet on pre-installing it on new computers.

Windows 10 recovers lost quota last month and in May it obtained 57.83%. It continues to lead the market at a great distance from the second, Windows 7, which continues to lose presence although it is still installed on one in four personal computers (24.28%). Windows 8.1 also falls and barely reaches 3%.

As for macOS, it maintains the growth of the last month with 9.69% adding all the installed versions. You already know that Apple’s share on the desktop is directly related to the Mac computers that it is able to sell, since it does not license the use of systems to third parties and the use of Hackintosh is invaluable. The rise of macOS and the reference of Linux on the desktop has caused Windows global has fallen in recent months. In any case, it remains above 86%.

Browsers in May

The share of web browsers remained unchanged. Chrome continues to grow and is headed to exceed 70% market share. The Edge of Microsoft rose one tenth to 7.86% and it is already becoming clear that it is no match for Google despite the use of Chromium. Firefox fell down. Very little (7.23%), but in a worrying downward trend.


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