The gaming range of LG monitors is distinguished by being very complete, one of the models that best adapt to the user’s needs is the LG Gaming Ultragear 27GK750F, a 27-inch monitor designed to get the most out of virtually any game.

Technical specifications

Display size: 27 ″
Panel Type: TN
NTSC (cie1931) Color Gamut: 72%
Color Depth (Number of Colors): Draw, 16.7M
Pixel (mm): 0.31125 x 0.31125
Response time: 2ms (fast) with motion blur reduction 1ms
Refresh Rate: 240 Hz
Aspect ratio: 16: 9
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Brightness: 400 cd (Typ) / 320 CD (min)
Contrast Ratio: Mega
Viewing angle: 170/160
Surface Treatment: Anti Glare, 3H
Dimensions with stand (WxHxD): 24.6 ″ x 18.35 ″ x 10.72 ″
Dimensions without Stand (WxHxD): 24.6 ″ x 14.58 ″ x 1.59


HDMI: Yes (Ver2.0, 2EA)
Display port: Yes (ver1.2, 1Ea)
DisplayPort Overclock: 1920 x 1080 @ 240Hz
USB: USB 3.0 (1UP / 2down) Fast charge support
Headphone output: Yes

Price: € 319 on Amazon and PC Components

We are facing a 27-inch diagonal TN panel with a resolution of 1080p in 16: 9 format. At first glance, its large V-shaped base stands out, with each end measuring 27 centimeters. It can be a problem if we have a very crowded desk and we want to place it in a central position of it, we must bear in mind that the base is a decorative element, the shape is a sharp V with the red edges, so look for a space in the table to show off. In our case, since we have used it as a second monitor, it has fitted us perfectly in the corner of the table. The base is also detachable and pivotable, allows us to put the monitor in a totally vertical position according to our needs.

Going back to the technical characteristics of the panel, the color coverage for the NTSC range is at an acceptable 72% and the maximum brightness is above average with 400 cd / m². Its true value is in its 240 Hz refresh rate, the response time of 2 milliseconds (1 millisecond with Motion Blur).

In addition, the response time of the monitor thanks to its technology Motion Blur Reduction it is only 1 ms virtual (2 ms real from gray to gray which is also an excellent figure) which gives us great precision in our actions without any delay, something that you will notice, especially if you usually play in a television.

An experience adapted to your configuration and your needs at all times

The LG Gaming Ultragear 27GK750F has the technology AMD FreeSync so we can synchronize the refresh rate with the fps of our graphics avoiding different graphic defects such as tearing, which can be really annoying in certain video games. It has also passed all the NVIDIA tests and tests, so it is also compatible with the technology G-Sync, so we have AMD or NVIDIA, we will have the best possible experience.

In addition to being able to position the monitor in the angle or position that interests us most, we can also control other technical aspects of the monitor such as the refresh rate or the black stabilizer, as well as create a custom game mode for us.

To access this menu, press the button located just below the LG logo, from there we can choose to configure the game mode, the input channels or the screen configuration. The game mode has five default modes with different settings. From the settings menu we can modify the game mode that we have active or adjust the image. We also have some special options like smart energy saving or fast charging via USB.


Although the LG Gaming Ultragear 27GK750F has a gamer name and surname, it should not be discarded if what we are looking for is a functional and versatile monitor. This monitor provides us with high-quality multimedia experience and game time, as well as working time.

LG Gaming Ultragear 27GK750F


A versatile monitor that gives it a lot of its own.

Build quality9

Installation and configuration8


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