The Chinese giant has confirmed a major renewal of its Lenovo ThinkPad notebook catalog in which the company has opted for new Ryzen 4000 U-series and Ryzen 4000 Pro APUs from AMD, two lines of which integrate a CPU and a GPU of the latest generation in the same package.

With these new computers Lenovo has responded to the growing users’ power and autonomy needs, and also to telework boom caused, as we know, by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lenovo ThinkPads based on Ryzen 4000 U-series APUs offer a very balanced value in terms of performance, autonomy and graphic power, thanks to the low consumption of these APUs that also have a very low TDP (15 watts). This makes them an excellent option for both individuals and professionals who are looking for a lightweight, powerful equipment capable of offering many hours of use without having to stop recharging.

Lenovo ThinkPad: versatility by flag

These new laptops come with a completely renovated design and updated to current standards, they have a p85% screen-to-body ratio and the E series also comes with significant improvements in terms of safety and durability, making this the best alternative for demanding professionals.

Among the security functions that make up the Lenovo ThinkPad E series stands out the integration of a fingerprint reader and an infrared camera (optional) with Glance by Mirametrix technology. The fingerprint reader is integrated into the power button and allows you to turn on the device and log in, while the camera has the Glance function, enabled by software, which responds to the presence of users and automatically locks the laptop when it it moves away.

Another important aspect to consider are the improvements that Lenovo has introduced to facilitate teleworking and collaboration between different users. The Harman speakers with Dolby Audio software, the dual array and far field microphones and the Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business shortcut keys built into the legendary ThinkPad keyboard represent clear added value.

The new E series is also Mil-Spec military endurance certified and can be configured with a APU Ryzen 7 4700U, which features an 8-core 8-core Zen 2 CPU at a frequency of 2 GHz-4.1 GHz, normal and turbo mode, and an integrated Radeon Vega GPU with 7 CUs (448 shaders). As it could not be otherwise, it is also equipped with the latest wireless connectivity standard, Wi-Fi 6.

Lenovo has confirmed that the new ThinkPads will be available from June of this year. Those are their prices:

ThinkPad E14: from 829 euros.
ThinkPad E15: from 799 euros.
ThinkPad T14: from 1,399 euros.
ThinkPad T14s: from 1,499 euros.
ThinkPad X13: from 1,499 euros.
ThinkPad L14: from 1,099 euros.
ThinkPad L15: from 1,069 euros.


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