March 10 is not just any day, you can all video game fans have it marked on the calendar as if it were an almost sacred day because a day like today we celebrate Super Mario, that title that came into our lives to change it for full. Of course the gamers are celebrating with hype and cymbal this day, However, we are sure that this day has been made a thousand times happier for all general fans of the geek world because two of the most important companies in the world seem to have joined, LEGO and Nintendo..

It turns out that the video game giant and the leading building block company announced earlier in the day through a tweet that they were working on something very special. Through a small video where we can barely see a Mario made with LEGO blocks and some clues like a very insistent question mark on the chest. Check below the video with which Nintendo confirmed this expected collaboration, of which until now we have nothing clear.

There is something very fun in the construction process! Do not miss a detail … #LEGO #LEGOSuperMario @LEGO_Group

– Nintendo México (@MxNintendo) March 10, 2020

So what is this collaboration about?

Perhaps at this moment you have come this far saying: “everything is very beautiful, but what the hell is this about? Well, there are many theories about what LEGO and Nintendo do. The first and most obvious is that it is a huge range of products inspired by the world of Super Mario, which could be made up of different kits of greater or lesser complexity –depending on the pieces, of course– full of mushrooms, coins and thousands of Yoshis.

In addition to this, it is very likely that some packages with special editions of Mario, Luigi, Peach and other characters will come out. On the other hand There is also the possibility that they will be encouraged to put together a video game in the purest Super Mario Maker style, in which you can build different scenarios within the universe of the famous plumber.or. Whatever it is, we are sure that all lovers of video games and the famous building blocks will break the little pig and maybe sell one or another organ just to get some of this powerful collaboration. A real nerdgasm.


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