If we want to personalize our chat with a different font, knowing this application will serve to impress your friends and use it for different jokes.

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How many times have you not wanted to change the WhatsApp font style? because now it is possible with different applications external to the messaging application and its use is really simple. Read: Learn how to disinfect your gadgets

With Android, customizing your applications is quite easy, something that cannot be done in other operating systems such as iOS, since in Android you can completely change the interface without having to root your mobile.

In order to customize the WhatsApp font, what you should do first is download an app on the PlayStore called Fonts-Letras para Chat with which we can change the letter to the messages of the messaging application. This application also works on Telegram, Twitter, Instagram and other applications in addition to WhatsApp.

To use it you have to follow these steps:

one.-Open the Fonts app
2.-Write the text you want to send to your contacts with a new font.
3.-We select the typeface that we like the most and copy the text.
4.-We paste the text in the WhatsApp chat and send.

This can be a bit tiresome in practice, but with practice it becomes easy. Also this function only works for short texts or single words, and only works in certain situations.

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