The cover of the Madden 21 will be nothing more and nothing less than MVP of the last season of the NFL, Lamar Jackson of the Ravens.

The quarterback from Baltimore announced in a video posted by Ravens, which will be the cover of the next Madden 21. Something similar to what happened to Patrick Mahomes the year before which was the cover of the videogame after being the most valuable player of the season. “Yes, it’s me“Said the quarterback to an explicit question from the fans.

“It’s a dream come true.” @ Lj_era8 on Madden cover:

– Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) April 21, 2020

The Ravens were one of the favorites to get to the Super bowl the previous year, for the level of Lamar Jackson. However, they stayed in the divisional round against the Tennessee Titans, who subsequently fell before the Chiefs, who were crowned champions.

The sea Jackson he is about to live his second year as the Quarterback headline of the Ravens. His debut was in the season 2018when he sat Joe Flacco and took Baltimore to playoffs, being eliminated in the wild card round against the Chargers.

Photo: Getty Images

The numbers of The sea Jackson they were awesome. He launched 36 scoring passescompleting 3 thousand 127 yards, 364 of 571 attempts and alone nine interceptions. However, his offensive contribution by land was what catapulted him.

By land, Lamar Jackson became the most dangerous weapon of the Ravens. In total ran one thousand 206 yards in 176 carries and got into diagonals seven times. Did not crown his season with the Super Bowl, but yes with the award for the best player of the year.


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