It is not official, but a very reliable source, Pavel Djundik, developer of SteamDB, ensures that Steam’s summer offers will start on June 25, and they will spread until July 9. It is a date that makes a lot of sense, and in fact coincides with the previous season, which was maintained for the same period of time.

It is true that, with the passage of time, the summer offers of Steam have been losing some strength, and we cannot single out one culprit. It is true that Valve has rested a bit on its laurels, and that the absence of lightning offers is increasingly noticeable, but we must also take into account the impact of stores that sell activation keys all year at low cost , the Humble Bundle packs, which allow us to get various games at a bargain price, and the competition from other stores, such as the Epic Games Store, the Humble Store and Good Old Games.

In the end they are a heap of things that obviously make themselves felt, but what do you want me to tell you, I still lose my passion for video games, but every year I look forward to the summer sales of Steam with the same desire, and I always end up chopping something, even if it’s a classic at a good price, and this year will not be the exception.

Steam Summer Deals: What Can We Expect

Well, more or less as usual, a huge selection of interesting games at a good price. It is not little, but it would be nice if Valve recover once the lightning offers, although it extends them in different time bands so that all users, even those who barely have free time, can enjoy them.

Nor would it be bad to create game packs with even lower prices, but not limited to specific franchises or specific developers. For example, it would be great to launch a special promotion limited to once per user and per season of offers that allows us to choose three games with a special discount.

We imagine that its direct rivals will respond to Steam’s summer offers by launching its own sale season, although we have not yet seen specific dates. As usual, We will notify you when they start the summer Steam offers, and we will share with you some varied recommendations of interesting games that we find at an attractive price.

Chinese sources are saying the Steam summer sale starts on 25th of June. Generally trustworthy, but not fully confirmed.

– Pavel Djundik (@thexpaw) May 8, 2020


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