The social distancing measures forced by the COVID-19 pandemic have had devastating and destructive effects for millions of small and medium-sized businesses in our country, which do not have savings or economic reserves to endure so long without sales or clients.

Various organizations have highlighted the importance of these businesses for the country’s economy, since

It is estimated that 73% of ALL the jobs that exist in Mexico are created precisely by small or medium-sized companies. In the restaurant sector alone, it is estimated that the losses may exceed $ 50 billion pesos after two months of contingency and it is likely that many of these businesses will not be able to reopen their doors.

The same is true of various sectors such as small stationeries, tlapalerias, workshops, the media, bookstores, etc. which means that thousands of people who work in these Small and Medium Enterprises lose their jobs and their businesses.

It is in this context that the hackathon + DEV.F COVID 19 as an initiative that seeks to generate creative solutions based on technology that can support the situation of all these affected Mexican SMEs. Solutions that serve to keep jobs, to open new lines of business, to migrate operations or activities to the online mode, among many other possibilities. It is an effort in which all of us can contribute our desire and talents to support our nearby community.

It is a solidarity and community initiative, so all the solutions that are generated will be open source in order to be used by any business, company or individual that derives value from them.

Organizing and coordinating the initiative are the teams from, one of the most widely read digital media in Mexico, and DEV.F, the largest technology school in Latin America. A varied list of mentors with extensive experience will also participate, who will be supporting the different teams in the construction of their solutions. Also, the winning solution will be chosen by a panel of expert judges and experts in business, technology and current issues.

How and when to participate?

The hackathon + DEV.F COVID 19 It will take place on June 6 and 7, and what is better is that you do NOT necessarily have to be a programmer to participate. In fact if you have never participated in a Hackathon this is a very good opportunity for you to enter the first one, in addition, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

A digital solution requires not only programming, but also design, promotion and dissemination (marketing), strategy, lots of ideas, lots of motivation, etc. Therefore we invite you and all people who have experience in any of the following areas:

Much desire and motivation to support your community in these times of crisis.
Creative and creative, that is, people who generate many ideas.
People who have experience of marketing (traditional or digital), advertising, dissemination, promotion, communication.
People who have empathy for what they can need Mexican SMEs (both owners / owners and employees).
People with experience in team management, business and strategy.
People with leadership and communication skills.
People with design experience, especially in web and mobile interfaces, user experience (UX) and product design.
People with programming (web and mobile) and software development experience.
People with experience in data science (data collection, management and visualization) and / or artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML).

It should be noted that you can register individually, or also by team, so if you want to help us build community and generate a favorable impact for Small and Medium-sized companies in our country, all you have to do is register in the Hackathon + DEV.F COVID 19 through this link.


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