Due to the situations of harassment and bullying that are lived daily in Instagram —And on many other platforms—, the photographic social network presented several functions that try to stop the problem. As they indicate, their proposals are part of the strategy to make Instagram and Facebook a “safer” place for users.

First of all, now you can delete multiple comments of your posts in a fairly simple way. When pressing a comment, followed by the button with points, a lower panel will appear with the option “Manage comments”. This will allow you to navigate between the different messages and select a maximum of 25, which will be eliminated by pressing “Delete”. In the following image you can see how it works in depth:

You can delete up to 25 comments at a time and define who can tag you

Additionally, you will have the possibility of control who can tag you in a post or story. Three options will be offered: “Everyone”, “Only the people you follow” and “Nobody”. “We have seen that tags and mentions can be used to attack or intimidate others. That is why we are implementing new controls that allow you to manage who can tag or mention you on Instagram,” the company said.

Another novelty, although at the moment it is still in the testing phase, is that of post one or more comments that you consider relevant for your post. They will always be shown above the others. His intention is that accounts can “engage with their community” by increasing interaction with followers. We emphasize that this feature is not included in the last update; its launch is not guaranteed.

Instagram algorithms do their thing too

Beyond the functions introduced, Instagram is committed to fighting bullying from its own algorithms. They disclosed that they improved their text detection technology to find posts about suicide and self-harm. Finally, they said that the advances in their technology allowed them to find and eliminate “child nudes and content of sexual exploitation” on both Instagram and Facebook.

It should be said that this is the first time that they include data on how they are facing these problems on Instagram, as previously they only shared information regarding Facebook.

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