It was last April when the first rumors emerged: Xiaomi is working on the My Stick TV, a device to offer smart features to older televisions. Yes it would be a Direct competitor to Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV Stick, whose market dominance has prevailed for several years. Now, however, it seems that the Asian manufacturer’s proposal is about to see the light. A recent company publication anticipates that its launch is imminent.

According to Xiaomi India, the Mi Stick TV will be launched on May 8 in that country

It turns out that Xiaomi India has begun to share some advances of the aforementioned product. They don’t explicitly mention this is the Mi Stick TV, but messages like “Convert any TV into a Smart TV” makes it very clear to us. In addition, they indicate that it will be available from May 8. It is important to clarify, however, that the date is only confirmed for India, for now.

Despite the above, surely the Xiaomi Mi Stick TV will not take long to reach other territories, including Spain and Mexico. In fact, Sudhanshu, a Twitter user who constantly leaks reliable data on Xiaomi products, claims that the device also will arrive in Europe this month. On Friday we will leave doubts.

While the features of the Mi Stick TV are not yet official, rumors speak of a design similar to that of the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Inside we could find an AMlogic S905Y2 processor and 2 GB of RAM. When it comes to software, we would see Android TV —9 or 10— as the operating system. It would be compatible with the most popular services on the market: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney +, among others. Connectivity? Bluetooth and dual-band WiFi, as is common in this type of proposal.

Xiaomi Mi Stick TV in front of a new Chromecast?

Just today information emerged about the new generation of Chromecast. As echoed in Protocol, the revamped version would be sold under the Google-owned Nest brand. Among its main innovations, the integration of Android TV to dispense with the transmission of content through smartphones or tablets. It would even include a remote control. Could play video 4K HDR and would have support for Stadia, Google’s streaming video game service.

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