If you are minimally aware of the general news, you will already know that a good one has been rolled in the United States because of a new murder perpetrated by the police against a black citizen. The protests were swift and neither were the initiatives with which to help the movement Black Lives Matter, including this one that we bring you now: a bundle like few – none? – times it has been seen.

The initiative is based on the quintessential indie gaming platform, Itch.io, and the name of the promotion says it all: “Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality.” “We got in touch with our community and an unprecedented number of creators donated more than 740 projects to be part of what we believe is the largest bundle in history«, They explain. It could also be the cheapest.

If you are interested in taking the complete package and incidentally contribute to the cause, you can do so starting at just $ 5 (does not reach 5 euros). Yes: for 5 dollars you get around 700 games (there are also other things, but they are the least), although you can always contribute with a larger contribution if you wish. All money raised will be donated to two charities related to protecting the black community in the United States.

Keep in mind, though, that you will not receive the game keys to add them to your Steam account: you will only be able to access the downloads on Itch.io; And, of course, among those more than 700 ‘projects’ you will find a lot of rubbish, but also really good games and even news, in many cases with support for Windows, Mac and Linux. Titles like Night in the Woods, Tonight we Riot or Overland they are proof of this. Also, they are all DRM free.

It is best if you go through the Itch.io promotion and take a look for yourself. The complete package is valued at almost $ 3,500, making it a bargain. But hurry up, the goal for the collection is two million dollars and when this post is published, it has already passed a million and a half.


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