Elon musk he really hates the coronavirus and what is happening in the world in relation to the virus. So much so that he has returned to the old practice of saying ultra controversial things that can get him into trouble.

Days ago he posted a message on Twitter saying that the paranoia around the coronavirus is “silly”. Now he has sent an email communication to all SpaceX employees saying that there is a greater risk of death when using the car to drive home from work than contracting the disease.

“The evidence suggests that COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus, is not among the one hundred worst health risks in the United States.” The email was obtained by Buzzfeed News.

Both the employees of SpaceX Like the ones of Tesla they continue to work in person. The first, based in Hawthorne and the second in Fremont, where the vehicle production line is also operating.

The statements of Musk they are a classic case of false analogy, where they are put on a similar plane to equate elements that, in reality, do not withstand the slightest comparison.

The case of the coronavirus in the United States is worrying and should be, at least, handled responsibly, especially by giving more information to the population so that they act accordingly.

It is currently estimated that the number of infections within the United States begins to rise at a rate of 30% a day. It could have 150,000 infected before the end of March.

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