The shopping malls are closed. IShops and Mac Stores are almost all padlocked, and honestly, right now is not a time to leave home but for the essentials. This is where there is a dilemma because the new iPhone SE has already gone on sale (pre-sale) and many fans of the Manzanita devices already want it in their hands. Which is not for less. It is the first time in years that Apple has released such a cheap and powerful version of its devices.

Photo: Apple

The lovers of the iPhones were for a few years asking non-stop for the SE model to return. This model has been one of the most successful in the history of IOS phones, for its size, functionality and above all for its price. However, it has been out of the market until now. The iPhone SE, which they presented on April 15, comes to become the cheapest option of all, but yes, without sacrificing the functions we love so much about iPhones.

Although it is not that big, nor does it have multiple cameras, the iPhone SE does not ask anything of any of its older brothers. It has the same A13 Bionic processor from Apple, and they loaded it with a capacity of 3GB of RAM. So neither the power nor the support will be any problem even for the most obsessive. Out there has a camera 12 megapixels along with a front for the famous selfie of 7 megapixels.

iPhone SE / Apple Newsroom

And how do I buy it or what wave?

If you can no longer wait, there is a way for you to buy it in presale without leaving the comfort and safety of your home. You really just have to go to the official AppleApple page and follow the instructions. But to make it really easy, Here we leave you the simple steps so that at once you have in line the arrival of the new iPhone SE at the door of your houses.

On the main carousel of the page you should see the announcement of the new iPhone SE. Click there to be directed to the compa options. If you don’t see the ad on the carousel, don’t worry. On the top tab that says iPhone, click to scroll down a menu. There you select the iPhone SE option that is at the top.
Select the phone you want to buy. The options are divided into color and internal memory. Either 64, 128 or 256 GB.
In the next window, and if you agree with the features you selected, click “Add to cart”.
If you have an account in the store it is now when you must enter your email and password. Otherwise, a user will have to be created.
Enter the data if they are requested.
Add a shipping address and payment method.
To confirm order.

The new iPhone SE will also be available from various carriers in Mexico such as Telcel, AT&T, Movistar and more.


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