Talking about a slightly green screen to iPhone users is, without a doubt, an unpleasant task. And is that the relationship of the Apple smarphone with this color is … we could call it uncomfortable. The problems of the terminals continue to resonate, which suddenly stay with the screen in a deep green color, causing a small panic crisis to their owners. Or, if we look a little further back, we can remember the unpleasant green line that started appearing a few years ago, also much to the chagrin of its users.

So the first thing I want to do is a call for calm. Yes, if you have suddenly noticed that when you unlock your iPhone, it is shown with a slightly green screen, you should not worry. Or at least not in excess. And, as Gizchina reports today, in the last few hours users have begun to appear on pages and forums dedicated to Apple, as well as Reddit, commenting that the screens of your devices have suddenly had a strange and unwanted greenish hue.

It was on Reddit, in the first instance, where they started talking about the slightly green screen, a problem that would affect all versions of the latest generation of the Apple smarphone, that is, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max in addition to, eventually, to some Apple Watch smart watches. At the moment it is unknown if it affects the iPad, as well as previous versions of the phone, since all the messages speak of the current generation.

After starting the conversation, users verified that the slightly green screen only affected users who had updated to iOS 13.5, a version released just a few days ago. This is undoubtedly somewhat reassuring, since it indicates that it should be a software problem, not a hardware one. In other words, if it is happening to you with your phone you can rest easy, it is not that the screen of your iPhone 11 or its connection to the motherboard of the smartphone have any problem. It is software and will be fixed in an update.

The problem occurs mainly when unlocking the iPhone and when night mode is active. In most cases, the slightly green screen will return to normal after a while, although the problem may recur. Everything, both the appearance of the problem and the sudden return to normality happens, at least with the current information, randomly. That is, it is unknown where the origin of the problem is and, therefore, we cannot give you any advice to prevent it from happening unless, in any case, you deactivate the night mode and, instead, minimize the brightness of the screen.

Hopefully the next iOS update will fix the slightly green screen issue. However, those from Cupertino have already released version 13.5.1, and we do not know if they already knew about this issue before doing so. When reviewing the notes to it, it does not mention the problem, so it is possible that it is still occurring and, therefore, it is necessary to wait for future updates (ideally in 13.5.2) so that it is already solved.


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