Andrea Casco

Frida uses her electronic tablet for a couple of hours a day. Activity that fascinates him, he says that what he likes most is listening to music and watching videos.

This activity is common and frequent in homes today, however, for many years women were far from technology.

That is why every April 23rd the International Day of Girls in ICT is commemorated. This seeks to encourage minors but also adolescents to consider the possibility of guiding their studies and professions in branches of technology innovation, since data indicates that only 1 of 4 spaces in these areas are occupied by women.

Frida’s mother, Monica, is responsible for the fact that her daughter not only knows how to turn on and move the cursor of a computer, tablet or cell phones, but also knows how to use technology to her advantage and learning.

The International Day of Girls in ICT contributes to the mission of reducing the digital divide for gender issues.



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