In an unusual display of good rolling, the big N of the VOD has updated the conditions of its service with a new clause by which Any Netflix account that is not used for a while will be canceled.. And this, which in any free service is normal, in a paid one sounds like science fiction.

According to Eddy Wu, head of Product Innovation at the company on the official Netflix blog, the last thing they want is for people to pay for something they are not using. Thus, after a more than prudent time in which no activity is recorded, the Netflix account will be canceled by the service itself.

The period of inactivity for the Netflix account to be canceled, as we say, is more than prudential, and includes those users who haven’t seen anything for a year since they subscribed to service, or to those who have been registered for the longest time but have not seen anything in two years. At the time, then, Netflix will begin notifying users of the upcoming cancellation and “if they do not confirm that they wish to remain subscribed, we will automatically cancel their subscription.”

Just because your Netflix account is canceled doesn’t mean you lose it

Just in case, Wu remembers that any user who unsubscribes, active or passive, can reactivate their Netflix account again at any time. And if it does before 10 months have passed, your usage data will remain available as you left it, including the favorites list, profiles, display preferences, etc.

Note that Netflix already regularly sends emails to its users to inform them of new developments or changes in the service, so it is strange that someone happens to be subscribed. Unless you have unsubscribed from these messages … And unless you do not even know what they charge you monthly.

Also, as Wu notes, “These inactive accounts represent less than half of one percent of our user base, just a few hundred thousand.” But, strange as it may seem, there are people who do not use their Netflix account and keep paying. Weirder still will be for someone to reply that they want to keep the subscription even if they don’t see anything, but that’s the way of the world.


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