In these moments of quarantine, we are all used to using technology to communicate remotely with everyone we love, we are already experts in the field. However, there are always a few extra applications to keep in touch with the world and for all the nostalgic we have excellent news, because ICQ returned to never leave, at least we hope so

If you were one of the lucky ones who grew up in the 90’s you will surely remember this wonder, it was one of the first messaging services to gain relevance on the internet. This platform It was created in 1996 by two young Israelis and at the beginning it was known as Mirabilis, a place where you could chat – which at that time was something very new.

Two years later, this idea was sold to AOL –If you know what these acronyms mean we are sorry to tell you that you are a population at risk–, who changed the name to ICQ (or I seek you in English). In a short time it managed to become the most used platform to chat with your friends, but like all its popularity it could not beat other alternatives, remaining stagnant for a long time.

With the passage of time, the platform passed into the hands of the Russian company Although it never left as such, because it continued to exist, in recent years applications like WhatsApp and Telegram have earned him the errand, That is why many young people may not know this wonder, but fortunately they have renewed it so that all chavorruqueros use it these days.

The new version called ICQ New It has many functions integrated that other services offer, such as making video calls, sending messages, photos, stickers and files. But beyond how conventional it may sound, It includes other interesting things like filters, you have a chance to create surveys and you can even follow news channels, all in one place. The only thing they kept from the original chat was the icon and the sound of the notifications.

ICQ New is available for iOS and Android phonesalso have a app to use it on your Windows, MacOS and Linux computer. If you can’t wait Around here You can download it, But if you want to know how to start using this 90’s jewel, we will tell you step by step how to do it.

Photo: ICQ

How can I use ICQ?

The first thing you should do is create a profile, for that you need enter a phone number, very much in the style of WhatsApp. To this, ICQ will send you a verification code so you can continue. Later it will ask you to write your name and put a photo so that your contacts know who you are.

Once you gave all the permissions to the platform can access calls, your camera, microphone and others, now you can start using it as god commands. Speaking specifically of the mobile phone app, You will find several options such as calls, interesting (where you can add news channels), chats and settings.

Photo: Screenshot

Inside the chats, you can send text messages, voice memos and photos, as seen in the main icons of the application. If you click on the “plus” sign next to the options mentioned above You will see other available options, such as sending photos or uncompressed files, location, surveys and contacts.

If we specifically dig into the camera, you will notice that you have a complete range of filters to use them in photos as in video calls, toyes there is no longer a pretext for virtual parties with your friends to be boring. We may have thousands of apps to make video calls and keep in touch with the world, but ICQ is back to remind us how important it was to many.

Photo: Screenshot


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