Humble Indie Bundle turns ten And it celebrates it in the only way possible: launching a new promotion with several games at a price that is difficult to resist. At the end of the day, this is how this initiative came about and that is how it gained a place in the videogame industry, but also in the hearts of many players.

The promo in question is Humble Indie Bundle 21 and the truth is that it is far from the most interesting that they have released in all this time, although it is not bad either. In total it includes seven games, waiting for the next few days to add one more.

The titles in question are Miami Hotline, Beat Cop and Dustforce DX in the first section; Moonlighter (and 25% discount for Moonlighter: Between Dimensions) and Gato Roboto in the second; to conclude with Hypnospace Outlaw and Starbound. They’re all indie games, but this is about Humble Indie Bundle.

In fact, the highlight of that Humble Indie Bundle 21 is not the promo as such, but the reason for it: to celebrate the tenth anniversary of a humble project, as its own name warns, but which has brought many joys to the players less given to mainstream material.

Humble Indie Bundle started out in a truly humble way. So much so that at MC we didn’t even echo the project until a few years had passed. Where we do follow all his releases was on MuyLinux, and that was one of his hallmarks at first: remember linux.

Not only that: before anything was known about Steam for Linux, Humble Indie Bundle served as an incentive for a few developers to decide to port their games to the penguin system. And believe it, at the time, it was like manna from heaven, as demonstrated by Linux users, who paid the most on average.

Other features that the Humble Indie Bundle popularized were offering a game pack and letting that the user pay what he wants, although with the passage of time they introduced the price ranges and now the more you pay, the more games you get; or offering many of the DRM free games.

Humble Indie Bundle also became known for donating to different charities part of the benefits of each promo they launched and, beware, in this decade of activity they have donated a peak: more than 10 million dollars They have ended up in the coffers of many NGOs.

These ten years of history, during which the name of Humble Indie Bundle has been replaced by Humble Bundle to refer to the project, have borne fruit as the appearance of the Humble Store, that these days is in spring sales and that as we pointed out in that news, it is one of the most recommended stores to buy games.


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