Could it be that the billion-dollar company from Manzanita knows something that we don’t? Today that question arises when we find out that Apple has just patented a software to take “group selfies from a distance”.

Photo: Apple

Oddly enough, the times of the coronavirus make this new idea something that we probably want to have on our phone. Honestly if we miss something these days it is a good meeting and the selfie of the memory. While Apple can’t do anything for the first time, the group selfie is already in your hands.

According to the patent application discovered by Patently Apple, a user of the Apple device could invite others to participate in a group selfie, and the software would take it. The selfie could include still photos, stored video images, or live broadcast images.

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According to the descriptions that are known so far, users could keep the original selfie, as well as the group version, and the original user and recipients of the group image could modify the selfie, for example, by placing themselves in a different position in the group.

Although the idea seems winning today, This patent did not arise from a need caused by the global pandemic that restricts social gatherings.. In fact, he applied for this patent for the first time in 2018 and ends up obtaining it this past June 2.

Apple describes the software as a group FaceTime, where one person can invite multiple people to take selfies, and the software would overlay them in a different position behind the organizer. It seems this technology would also be great for families who insist on making Christmas cards long after the kids have moved.


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