While teleworking has been gaining more strength and security, the current situation of confinement and social distancing has caused a huge boom in the tools of video calls and videoconferences. However, not everyone had the necessary means and accessories prior to this situation, and the enormous demand for PC webcams have begun to lead to the first price increases and speculation.

But don’t worry, since you don’t need to spend a single euro to be able to join these meetings. In this little tutorial we will teach you how to connect and use your mobile phone as a webcam for PC so you can join the video calls on a larger screen and ease of use.

In this case we have chosen to recommend EpocCam given its compatibility with all types of mobile devices and tables. as well as both Windows and Mac operating systems; but above all, for its free nature.

Before starting with its installation, it is worth mentioning that the process would go through two phases: on the one hand, we must install the mobile application, available through the Google Play Store and App Store; while on the other, we must also download and install EpocCam drivers for PC They are available for free on the developer’s website.

And it is that although we can really make use of the camera without these seconds, these will allow us the correct integration of EpocCam with the main video flame tools such as Skype, Teams, Duo or Zoom, among others, allowing us to detect the image of our mobile phone directly as the main video input, without the need to use any cables.

In this way, once both installation processes are finished, we will only have to maintain both devices connected on the same Wi-Fi network, open the EpocCam application on our phone, and open any of the compatible telecommunication applications from our computer.

As soon as the phone application detects a compatible application, an automatic connection will be established between the two, allowing us to select “EpocCam” as the default input device, and start using our phone as a PC webcam.


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