We have become used to consuming products and services online through monthly or yearly subscriptions. Once you register, with your username and password, you have access to a multitude of content for a small fee. And among the advantages of a paid account, you can use it simultaneously on two or more devices.

This is the case of Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, Filmin, Spotify, Apple Music and many other music, video, online courses, editing tools … But although you can use them simultaneously, the way to do it is to share password, and this can cause certain misgivings. Especially if you share expenses with acquaintances or friends and you want to heal yourself in health.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a alternative system to share Netflix or similar accounts without giving the password? You could continue to control your account and at the same time share it securely.

From password to master key

An example of this type of alternative to the shared password is Notopass. Its purpose is simply that, that you can benefit from the simultaneity of online services without thereby providing the password.

Its operation is simple. You create a group, lists the users with whom to share the password, you log in once and a AES-256 encrypted master key. That key will be shared with your chosen contacts. All in all, the app recommends inviting trusted users.

Another security detail to keep in mind is that the link generated by Notopass to share a payment account with others is one-person and have one valid for 24 hours. After that period of time, you must give permission again to access Netflix or the like. Also, keep in mind that to use the app you must register and once registeredThis registration is limited to the app you are currently using. This avoids sharing accounts uncontrollably.

Instead of logging in with the shared password, it will be enough to do it with Notopass, which will give you access to that service through the master key. And if you want revoke access, just delete the user in question from the group you created.

For the moment, Notopass works exclusively in Android devices. It also had an extension for Google Chrome, but at the time of checking the link, it gave an error.


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