The last update of Windows 10 has incorporated an interesting novelty to recover a computer in trouble: the possibility of restoring the operating system to its original state by downloading files from the cloud, without the need for installation media or recovery partitions.

This option has been available for years in the Apple operating system and in various GNU / Linux distributions (such as Debian). Its main advantages are security and ease for the user, who does not have to worry about using a physical means of recovery. Next, we show you how to use it step by step.

How to recover a Windows 10 installation from the cloud

1.- As this feature is only available in Windows 10 2004 make sure you have an updated system by typing winver in the system finder and pressing Enter or from the Configuration> System> About tool.

2.- Open the panel Setting (you can type your name in the search engine) and go to Update and security.

3.- Select recovery and click the button Start.

4.- Choose if you want to keep your files or delete them.

5.- On the next screen, you will see a dialog box similar to the one in the image. Here you must choose Cloud recovery.

6.- After accepting, Windows 10 will download the necessary files from the Microsoft cloud and use them to reset the system.

Is recovery from the cloud or local files better?

If all goes well, there are no big differences between the two systems. The download from cloud It has the advantages that the files will always be updated, but they depend on your Internet connection and you need to have free space on the hard disk to save them. Also, the process is slower.

Reset a system from local files It is fast because it does not need downloads, but it can give us problems if we have corrupt files or the original installation is affected by malware, for example. For this reason, it is best to know all the possibilities and know that we can choose according to our needs.

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