The browser that Xiaomi integrates into its devices collects information from users even if they are using them incognito. This was revealed last week, later confirmed by the brand itself. A fact that also happens with others like My Browser Pro and Mint Browser, which can be downloaded in the different app stores.

Although Chinese technology already then ensured that these data are used purely anonymously and for the purpose of analysis, the truth is that many have questioned the purpose of these actions. Precisely for this reason, the firm has rushed to put a solution and, through an update of said service, now allows you to choose that this type of information is not collected when browsing online.

The decision has been specified in successive updates to an article published on his blog, where the situation was explained and the arrival of a new version was confirmed. Thanks to it, browsers include “an option in incognito mode so that all users of both browsers activate / deactivate the collection of aggregated data”. So, and although Xiaomi ensures that they are not legally obliged to do so, they reinforce their “objective of providing safe services and products”, they explain.

How to disable data aggregation in incognito mode

Updates to the Mi Browser, Mi Browser Pro (v12.1.4) and Mint Browser (v3.4.3) browsers are already available for download, which add the aforementioned mode to avoid adding user navigation information when using them in incognito mode.

In order to access this option, and once the update has been downloaded in the aforementioned browsers, the steps to follow are brief. All you have to do is click on the drop-down menu located in the upper right corner of their main screen, access the settings and enter the incognito mode section. Once there, two options will now be displayed: Incognito Mode and Enhanced Incognito Mode. It is the second of them, as specified in its lower text, which will cause “aggregated data statistics” not to be loaded when browsing.

It will be enough to enable this option for Xiaomi to stop collecting the data and now anonymously browse the web.

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